Okay, this may not make sense due to the fact that I’ve rarely visited this wiki, but this is a little contest I’m putting up. On another wiki (Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki), I’m nearing my 3,000th edit and I normally celebrate every time I reach a thousand-edit milestone. Well, I wanted to make my next blog interesting so I put up a contest on my wiki. It didn’t go so well due to the fact that there weren’t enough bronies and pegasisters there, so I decided to post the contest here.

Okay, here we go!

Imagine the Mane Six as humans, and then imagine them not having any particular knowledge of the human world. What would be one of their misadventures? Leave your ideas in the comments below and I’ll select the funniest few to end up in the blog as written one-shots. Don’t be upset if your submission isn’t chosen; it’ll only be if the idea is enough to squeeze into a one-shot. If your idea can be able to be made into a chapter story, I’ll work something out.

Also, be sure to keep the subject matter low-key. If it deals with stuff like drugs and sex and religious/political beliefs, keep it pretty light. If it’s Pinkie Pie consuming some cannabis cupcakes and her not knowing it had cannabis, that’s okay; if it’s Rainbow Dash openly smoking from a bong, that’s too much. Remember, the Mane Six wouldn’t be familiar with all our human technologies, no matter how many times they break the fourth wall. (the only one that WOULD know about our world is Lyra. Hmm…)

Can’t wait to see your interesting comments! :D

Love & Tolerance,


PS: Can't wait to see the new episode! :D