After the horrid monster, Discord, killed a group of 1,000 alicorns diving down to defeat him, Equestria started to fade. Princess Celestia and Princess are the only two alicorns known to survive. However, some say that one more fled, an alicorn by the name of Eclipses. Every so often, she drags the moon or the sun over the other to create a shadow, only to mess with her sisters." Twilight cracked her neck. "Oh, look at the time, I'll read his last sentence before bed. "It is foretold when the last alicorn dies so will" "EQUESTRIA?!" Twilight yelled the last word. Spike popped his head up quickly and let out a stream of fire, burning a shelf of books. "You clutz, Spike." the purple unicorn said, putting out the fire with her magic. The large dragon started crying. "There, there, sweetie. Want some gems?" Twi said, a basket of gems hovering over her head. Spike grabbed them and started eating. "You're just a big baby, huh?" Twi crooned in a motherly way. Spike fell asleep purring and a few seconds. Twilight stretched her legs then continued reading. "Some say Celestia will die first, some say Luna. But those who believe in Ecilpses think she is the first to fall." "Spike, take a note." Twi looked backwards, seeing Spike was asleep. She muttered and used her magic to write. Dear Princess Celestia, I know I have not wrote in several years but I must warn you about something. I have read that when you and Luna die, so will Equestria. Please be very careful, princess, for we will not know what to do if you are gone. Your faithful student, Twilight Shimmer Twi poked Spike, and he let a small burst of fire out, burning the message and sending it to Canterlot Castle. A few seconds later a scroll landed by the duo. "I knew she'd respond immediatly." Dear Twilight

There were blood stains on the parchment.



In blood.