Oh hi guys. I have an OC. You should know her by now. Here is what she is like. NOTE: This is the story of my OC not me in real life.

Hi. My name, is Crystal. I was born a pegasus. I was named "Crystal" because of my birth mark. It was a tiny crystal and it was shiny, but it didn't sparkle. I used to have a short blue mane with green eyes. My mom is a pegasus named Raindrop and my dad is another pegasus named Dusty. But my sister's name is Spitfire. That's right, My sister is really Spitfire. One day, I meet an alicorn named Gemstone. She was a godess. She had a purple body with long lilac, sky blue, and sliver mane. On that day we played checkers and made an apple pie. Then after that we saw each other every day. But one day something bad and horrable happened. A villain named Dark Spirit trapped Gemstone, along with another godess named Candy into a mirror. I was so sad that day tears came out of my eyes, and went onto my my mark. The birth mark then transformed me into an alicorn. The birth mark made my mane long and turned it purple with dark lilac steaks. It made my eyes turn light blue. And i earned my cutie mark. My cutie mark is a crystal shaped object. After that, my birth mark went inside my flesh body. That was my back story.

Now these are the things my OC pony like,

I like to fly around the Crystal Empire, where i live, by the way.

I have a crystal blue sword for minecraft and fighting sometimes.

My favorite colors are crystal blue (of course) and purple.

I always hang out with my friends!

That was her interview. Bye guys!