Hey guys! Today where here to talk about my favorite game to watch as youtube videos in the whole wide world, pokemon kindness verison!

FANMADE Pokemon kindness verison tile srceen1

Title screen.

Yes, the title screen does say, "Innocent characters that are often seen as babyish are the ones that are truly awesome!" And yes, there is an outdated Pinkie Pie on the title screen. That's because this game was made "five years ago!"

And also, this is how I meet precure, Dialga Pwny and the other pwnys, Capricorn, Meggie, and Nim.

And the game also has the best music I ever heard! And I also want some of that music on my profile page!

Please tell me in the comments if you like this game and what character in the game is your favorite.

  • The title screen.
  • Dialga Pwny and Sonali are paralyzed! They can't move!
  • Gloomclouds. Gloomclouds everywhere.
  • Viacom is evil and so is copyright!

Dialga Brite, if your on this page, here are some new ideas for pokemon. P.S: I'm not a brony, I'm a pega sister so I don't hate G1s or G3s.
FANMADE Vocal Mane 6

Here they are! Insiered by Suite precure and the vocal sisters!

Vocal Twilight's power's are sing attack, dark cuteness, study, and pretty song! Vocal Pinkie Pie's power's are sing attack, blast of pink, cuteness, and pretty song! Vocal Rainbow Dash's power's are sing attack, sonic rainboom, rainbow blast, and pretty song! Vocal Applejack's power's are sing attack, applebuck, innocence, and pretty song! Vocal Fluttershy's power's are sing attack, cute little bunnies, innocence, and pretty song! Vocal Rarity's power's are sing attack , fabuousity, popuarity, and pretty song!