Hey guys! You know how Filly Please made this game before? Well I want to make one to!


  1. You cannot be a sea pony.
  2. This time, you can be an alicorn, but not a princess.
  3. This time, everything except being a human is free!
  4. You just turned into a pony NOW, so no backstories.

Types you can be.

Earth pony: You are made for hard work! You match alongside the nature!

Unicorn: You are magical! You can use your horn for anything you want!

Pegasus: You can fly! You are also one of the only creeptures that can walk on clouds!

Zebra: Your great at making poitons! You have rhythm and rime!

Dragon: You are a beast! The earth ponys and unicorns will be complanting, but the pegasi won't!

Grifon: You are part lion and part eagle!

Alicorn: You have more powers than a unicorn!

Human: You stay your type! 20 maga.

Your home

Ponyville House

Cantrlot house

Cloudscale house

A evil castle

A prymaid with tons of tresure

Pirate ship

Crystal Empire house

Applelosa house

A hellocopter for a spy



Your pony friends

The stig

Any Power Ranger

Whatever you want





Who are you?

Who have you become?