Hi it's me Crystal! And today i have a fun game and news! News: Hurt or Heal 2 is back! With fun new players!

Game: this game is about taking over someplace in equestria.  So I will start off: I'm Taking The Crystal Empire!

Here is the list of places you can choose from :

  1. Ponyville [Taken by Bluelightning]
  2. Manehattan [Taken by Unicandy]
  3. Applelousa [Taken by Seaswirl]
  4. Cloudscale [Taken by Crimson]
  5. Canterlot [Taken by unknown]
  6. Smoky Mountain
  7. San Palomino Desert
  8. Las Pegasus [Taken by Kelpto Brony]
  9. Galloping Gorge
  10. FillyDelphia [Taken by Zony]
  11. Foggy Bottom Bog [Taken by James]
  12. Everfree Forest [Taken by Santamew]
  13. Hollow Shades [Taken by Candlekeeper]
  14. Ghastly Gorge
  15. Yanhover
  16. Baltimare
  17. Neighagra Falls [Taken by Guildmaster]
  18. White Tails Woods
  19. Griffon Kingdom [Taken by Snipersparkle]
  20. Crystal Empire [Taken by Me]

Choose which kingdom you wanna rule in the comments so bye!