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    What's your favorite and least favorite episode of all the characters in the Mane 6 and Spike, including Twilight Sparkle; Applejack; Rarity; Pinkie Pie; Rainbow Dash; and Fluttershy?

    Here's my favorites:

    Twilight Sparkle: Twilight's Kingdom

    Applejack: The Mane Attraction

    Rarity: Canterlot Boutique (I would pick The Saddle Row Review, but some consider it to not be a Rarity episode)

    Pinkie Pie: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

    Rainbow Dash: Tanks for the Memories

    Fluttershy: Hurricane Fluttershy

    Spike: Inspiration Manifestation/Gauntlet of Fire (They're both a tie)

    Now, here's my least favorites:

    Twilight Sparkle: It's About Time

    Applejack: Applejack's "Day" Off

    Rarity: Suited For Success

    Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pride

    Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Falls

    Fluttershy: Put…

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    My Episode Ratings

    January 22, 2016 by Cuddlefan

    These are what I think of all the episodes of FIM.

    A+: Perfect!

    A: Beautiful!

    A-: Outstanding!

    B+: Amazing!

    B: Excellent!

    B-: Marvelous!

    C+: Great!

    C: Good!

    C-: Decent!

    D+: Average!

    D: Ok!

    D-: Meh!

    F: Bad!

    Friendship Is Magic: A

    The Ticket Master: B+

    Applebuck Season: B

    Griffon the Brush-Off: A-

    Boast Busters: C+

    Dragonshy: B

    Look Before You Sleep: B

    Bridle Gossip: C-

    Swarm of the Century: B

    Winter Wrap Up: A+

    Call of the Cutie: C-

    Fall Weather Friends: A+

    Suited For Success: C+

    Feeling Pinkie Keen: A

    Sonic Rainboom: A+

    Stare Master: A+

    The Show Stoppers: C-

    A Dog and Pony Show: C

    Green Isn't Your Color: A+

    Over a Barrel: C

    A Bird in the Hoof: C

    The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A+

    Owl's Well That Ends Well: A+

    Party of One: B+

    The Best Night Ever: A+

    Overall Season: A

    The Return Of Harmony: B+…

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    What's your favorite and least favorite episode of MLP?

    I myself have a lot of favorite episodes. One of my all-time favorite episodes are Winter Wrap Up and Fall Weather Friends. But again, I have way more favorite episodes than that.

    So far, the only episodes I dislike are Hearth's Warming Eve and Three's A Crowd.

    Idk if someone already made this blog. I was gonna check and see if someone already made a blog like this, but that'll take all-day, so I just decided to make it myself. :)

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