These are what I think of all the episodes of FIM.


A+: Perfect!

A: Beautiful!

A-: Outstanding!

B+: Amazing!

B: Excellent!

B-: Marvelous!

C+: Great!

C: Good!

C-: Decent!

D+: Average!

D: Ok!

D-: Meh!

F: Bad!

Season 1

Friendship Is MagicA

The Ticket Master: B+

Applebuck Season: B

Griffon the Brush-Off: A-

Boast Busters: C+

Dragonshy: B

Look Before You SleepB

Bridle GossipC-

Swarm of the CenturyB

Winter Wrap Up: A+

Call of the CutieC-

Fall Weather FriendsA+

Suited For SuccessC+

Feeling Pinkie Keen: A

Sonic RainboomA+

Stare MasterA+

The Show StoppersC-

A Dog and Pony ShowC

Green Isn't Your ColorA+

Over a BarrelC

A Bird in the HoofC

The Cutie Mark ChroniclesA+

Owl's Well That Ends Well: A+

Party of OneB+

The Best Night EverA+

Overall Season: A

Season 2

The Return Of Harmony: B+

Lesson ZeroA+

Luna Eclipsed: C+

Sisterhooves SocialA+

The Cutie Pox: A

May the Best Pet Win!A

The Mysterious Mare Do WellA

Sweet and Elite: B

Secret of My ExcessA+

Hearth's Warming EveB-

Family Appreciation Day: A

Baby Cakes: A+

The Last RoundupA+

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000A

Read It and WeepA+

Hearts And Hooves DayA+

A Friend in DeedA

Putting Your Hoof DownD

It's About TimeB

Dragon QuestD-

Hurricane FluttershyA+

Ponyville ConfidentialA+

MMMystery on the Friendship ExpressC-

A Canterlot Wedding: A+

Overall Season: B-

Season 3

The Crystal EmpireA+

Too Many Pinkie Pies: A+

One Bad AppleD+

Magic Duel: A+

Sleepless in PonyvilleA

Wonderbolt AcademyA

Apple Family Reunion: B- (Rewatch soon!)

Spike at Your ServiceC-

Keep Calm and Flutter On: B+

Just For SidekicksD

Games Ponies PlayC+

Magical Mystery CureA+

Overall Season: C

Season 4

Princess Twilight SparkleA+

Castle Mane-iaA+

Daring Don'tA+

Flight to the FinishA+

Power Ponies: F

Bats!: A+

Rarity Takes Manehattan: C-

Pinkie Apple PieA+

Rainbow Falls: F

Three's A CrowdC

Pinkie PrideD+

Simple WaysC-

Filli VanilliA+

Twilight TimeA+

It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: C+

Somepony to Watch Over MeA+

Maud PieF

For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: F

Leap of FaithA+

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3A+

Trade YaA+

Inspiration ManifestationA+

Equestria GamesA+

Twilight's KingdomA+

Overall Season: C+

Season 5

The Cutie Map: D+

Castle Sweet Castle: A+

Bloom & GloomC-

Tanks for the MemoriesA+

Appleloosa's Most WantedC-

Make New Friends but Keep Discord: A+

The Lost Treasure of GriffonstoneB

Slice of LifeA+

Princess SpikeA

Party PoopedA

Amending FencesA

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?A+

Canterlot Boutique: A-

Rarity Investigates!: D-

Made in ManehattanA-

Brotherhooves SocialA+

Crusaders of the Lost Mark: A+

The One Where Pinkie Pie KnowsA

Hearthbreakers: B+

Scare MasterA

What About Discord?: B

The Hooffields and McColts: B

The Mane Attraction: A

The Cutie Re-MarkA

Overall Season: B

Season 6

The CrystallingA

The Gift of the Maud PieA

On Your Marks: A

Gauntlet of FireA+

No Second Prances: A

Newbie Dash: A-

A Hearth's Warming TailA-

The Saddle Row Review: A+

Applejack's "Day" Off: C+

Flutter Brutter: A-

Spice Up Your Life: A-

Stranger Than Fan FictionA

The Cart Before the Ponies: A

28 Pranks LaterA+

The Times They Are a Changeling: A+

Dungeons & Discords: F

Buckball Season: A

The Fault in Our Cutie MarksA+

Viva Las Pegasus: A-

Every Little Thing She Does: A+

P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View): C

Where the Apple Lies: B

Top Bolt: A

To Where and Back Again: A+

Overall Season: A

Fan Episodes

Double Rainboom: D

Snowdrop: C-