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    This is an article of MLP shipping.

    Shipping/Relationships is basically putting two characters in love, or shipping them together. Most notable examples are Twixie (Twilight Sparkle and Trixie), AppleDash (Applejack and Rainbow Dash), Twinkie Pie (Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle), Rarishy (Rarity and Fluttershy), Rainbowshy (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash), and Rarijack (Rarity and Applejack). Other examples are Appleshy, PinkieDash, RariDash, TwiDash, RariTwi, TrixJack (only in one picture, mind you), and possibly CelestTwi. There has also been talk of shipping Princess Luna with Twilight and a little bit of Sunny Rays.


    • Rainbow Dash and Applejack ran the Running of the Leaves together.
    • Applejack has bit on to Dash's tail multiple time…

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  • CupcakeCrazy43

    Fluttershy is, like the AWESOMEST pony ever, don't you agree? I mean, she takes care of all these cute little animals (I like animals) and Angel the bunny (Although he can give a slap that could hurt like the dickens). (OPINIONS, I should add).

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    Old Friends

    October 21, 2012 by CupcakeCrazy43

    Twilight Sparkle was missing her old friend, Starvelvet Swirl, from Canterlot. Word got out that she moved to Cloudsdale a month ago, since she was a unicorn-pegasus. But she was in no relationship with Princess Celestia or the rest of the royal family. Twilight thought about her friend, then looked at the picture of them together. Starvelvet had a pink coat with magenta wings, a pink horn, and had a red and purple mane and tail, woven into a side braid. Her eyes were brilliant emerald, with straight eyelashes, much like Rainbow Dash's. Twilight used a spell to give herself wings, which was much difficult and rare, and flew up to Cloudsdale. Brick McBoomerbash, a huge dark red pegasus, caught her. "Aha! Twilight Sparkle! You think you coul…

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    "So you're sure there's no one here but us?" Rainbow Dash asked, sitting on Twilight's bed while Twilight shut the door and locked it. "Yep. Grab your popcorn, RD. This movie might take long," Twilight replied. Twilight set up the projecter and placed the DVD in her computer. Together they sat, eating popcorn and watching MVP: Most Valuble Pony. Someone rang the doorbell just as the movie ended. "Aren't you gonna-" Rainbow began. "Whoever's out there can wait," said Twilight. They locked their lips just as Fluttershy burst through the door and screamed. "I-I can explain!" Rainbow screamed. "Yeah? How?" said a voice from behind Fluttershy. It was Pinkie Pie. "THIS ISN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" Twilight and Rainbow Dash screeched at the same time…

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    • As they are introducing Awesomette, a cupcake and lots of Pepsi-Cola (aka Coca-Cola or Coke) is shown in the background.
    • Lyra is holding a basket of strawberries.
    • Vicki throws a rotten apple at Awesomette.

    • Lots of Pepsi-Cola is shown in this episode.
    • Vicki spills a can of Pepsi-Cola on her sweater, and responds to this by shouting, "Oh banana peels!"

    • A ghost named Remidee (female) tries to pick up a hamburger, but it just falls right through her hand.
    • Awesomette trips over an empty can of Pepsi-Cola on the curb.
    • Awesomette eats an apple.
    • Lyra eats 10 strawberries.

    • Awesomette snarfs down green beans and oatmeal in order to break the speed-eating record.
    • Candied apples (for some reason) and pink punch are shown in the back of the lunchroom.

    • After shrin…

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