Opening Theme

  • As they are introducing Awesomette, a cupcake and lots of Pepsi-Cola (aka Coca-Cola or Coke) is shown in the background.
  • Lyra is holding a basket of strawberries.
  • Vicki throws a rotten apple at Awesomette.

Popular Pop

  • Lots of Pepsi-Cola is shown in this episode.
  • Vicki spills a can of Pepsi-Cola on her sweater, and responds to this by shouting, "Oh banana peels!"

Ghostly Guffaws

  • A ghost named Remidee (female) tries to pick up a hamburger, but it just falls right through her hand.
  • Awesomette trips over an empty can of Pepsi-Cola on the curb.
  • Awesomette eats an apple.
  • Lyra eats 10 strawberries.

World Records Don't Really Rock

  • Awesomette snarfs down green beans and oatmeal in order to break the speed-eating record.
  • Candied apples (for some reason) and pink punch are shown in the back of the lunchroom.

Diminuitive Dilemma

  • After shrinking, Awesomette and Lyra hide behind a "giant" strawberry.
  • When Vicki opens the fridge to get a can of Pepsi-Cola, (Note: Pepsi-Cola is a running gag in every episode.) boxes of Kid-Cuisine fall out and nearly trample her.

Christmas Crayons

  • Awesomette leaves cookies and Pepsi-Cola out for Santa.
  • Awesomette's Scotty dog, Junior, eats the cookies for Santa and half a pumpkin pie.
  • Vicki dumps pumpkin pie on Lyra's head.
  • The wax from Awesomette's crayons are brushed from the table into Vicki's Pepsi-Cola can by Lyra.

Halloween Horrors

  • After being scared by the Halloween masks, Lyra backs up and crashes into a shelf of candied apples.
  • When Awesomette wears a mask that doesn't have eyeholes, she practically couldn't see where she was going and bumps into a table of Diet Pepsi-Cola, knocking them over.
  • At Awesomette's house, thousands of candy piles are seen in the background.

Thanksgiving Treatment of the Turkey

  • When Awesomette's mom, Mrs. Morasco, takes the turkey out of the oven, Awesomette pours half a can of Pepsi-Cola on the turkey to give it extra "sizzle".
  • The mashed potatoes, stuffing, plum pudding, gravy, and pie were eaten by Junior.

Horrendous Hiccups

  • Awesomette tries to take a sip of Diet Pepsi-Cola, but fails when a very large and loud hiccup sends the Diet Pepsi-Cola all over the kitchen.

Wait Just A Minute

  • Where Lyra comes from, smashing a strawberry on the face of a clock gives you good luck. Lyra puts about 6 strawberries on the face of the kitchen clock and smashes them with a spatula.
  • When time freezes, it shows Awesomette with a cookie in her hand, bringing it up to her mouth. Lyra eats the cookie.
  • Awesomette spits out an Altoid because she said it "burned her tongue on account of spiciness".

Don't You Dare

  • Awesomette dares Vicki to drink 5 cans of Pepsi Cola without going to the bathroom for two weeks.