Twilight Sparkle was missing her old friend, Starvelvet Swirl, from Canterlot. Word got out that she moved to Cloudsdale a month ago, since she was a unicorn-pegasus. But she was in no relationship with Princess Celestia or the rest of the royal family. Twilight thought about her friend, then looked at the picture of them together. Starvelvet had a pink coat with magenta wings, a pink horn, and had a red and purple mane and tail, woven into a side braid. Her eyes were brilliant emerald, with straight eyelashes, much like Rainbow Dash's. Twilight used a spell to give herself wings, which was much difficult and rare, and flew up to Cloudsdale. Brick McBoomerbash, a huge dark red pegasus, caught her. "Aha! Twilight Sparkle! You think you could disguise yourself as a pegasus, didn't you? Well, I sure recognized you! Ha! That's the worst, most lamest disguise yet!" Brick sneered. "You think you're so-" Brick was caught in midsentence as a pink unicorn-pegasus kicked him in the face and sent him careening through the sky. "Starvelvet! You saved-" Twilight began, but never finished her sentence as Starvelvet raced over to a nearby white house with a pink roof, probably her own. "Starvelvet! Starvelvet!" Twilight shouted, flying over to the house. "Star-" Twilight stopped shouting as she looked in through the window. Starvelvet was sitting cross-legged on the wood floor, her hooves in her lap, eyes closed. Candles, candy-cane-scented, surrounded her. Twilight opened the door slowly, sat next to her, and copied her position, her eyes also closed. Starvelvet opened one eye and peeked at her. "Ha! You thought I was really meditating?!" Starvelvet said. Twilight opened both her eyes, looked over at her, and giggled. "Well, I did, but only until you hurled that shout at me!" Twilight said. "Seriously, Twiley-Twi, you're a laugh," said Starvelvet. "C'mon, I'll show you around my house."

..."And here are my three sets of blue ribbons for running, flying, and magic," said Starvelvet, in the kitchen. "You know, because I'm 1/3 pegasus, 1/3 earth pony, and 1/3 unicorn." "So why exactly are they in your kitchen?" Twilight asked. "Uh, I don't know, they encourage me to eat my vegetables?" Starvelvet guessed. Then she and Twilight laughed. "Speaking of food, do you want something to eat? I have pie, cake, broccoli, M&Ms, corn, candy corn, milk, uh... hay fries, hay crisps, daffodil-and-daisy sandwiches..." Starvelvet said, looking in the fridge. "I'll have a daffodil-" Twilight bagan, but Starvelvet finished her sentence by saying, "-and-daisy sandwich." They laughed and ate the sandwiches together. "Well, I'd best be going," Twilight said, finishing her sandwich. 'Wait!" Starvelvet said, racing upstairs. She came downstairs with two bracelets that said Starvelvet and Twiley-Twi. Twilight blushed. "Awww, you know I think that's an embarrassing nickname," she said. "Wear it, and we'll be together forever," said Starvelvet. After Twilight's questioning look, Starvelvet ran into another room. "Press the little red button!" Starvelvet called. Twilight pressed the little red button, and a hollogram of Starvelvet appeared. "Cool! It works!" the hollographed Starvelvet said. Twilight pressed the button again, and the hollogram zapped back into the bracelet. "Bye!" Twilight called to Starvelvet. "Bye, Twi!" Starvelvet called back. As she went out the door, Twilight smiled as seven words whizzed around in her mind at that moment: Wear it, and we'll be together forever.