"So you're sure there's no one here but us?" Rainbow Dash asked, sitting on Twilight's bed while Twilight shut the door and locked it. "Yep. Grab your popcorn, RD. This movie might take long," Twilight replied. Twilight set up the projecter and placed the DVD in her computer. Together they sat, eating popcorn and watching MVP: Most Valuble Pony. Someone rang the doorbell just as the movie ended. "Aren't you gonna-" Rainbow began. "Whoever's out there can wait," said Twilight. They locked their lips just as Fluttershy burst through the door and screamed. "I-I can explain!" Rainbow screamed. "Yeah? How?" said a voice from behind Fluttershy. It was Pinkie Pie. "THIS ISN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" Twilight and Rainbow Dash screeched at the same time. "It was just an accide-" Twilight's mom, Twilight Velvet, was at the door. Twilight's mouth dropped open. "I'm outta here," was all that Rainbow Dash said.