Brony Notion is one of my favorite Brony analysts. In fact, he was the very first analyst that I've ever watched, so he holds a special place in my heart. So, when he went months without posting a video, naturally, I was pretty disappointed, although, I excused this as being due to high school, so I wasn't expecting anything new until at least summer. But recently, I was watching his video on Bad Cutie Marks when, near the end of the video, a little tab popped up, saying “Brony Notion suggests 'The Most Dangerous Villain.'” This caught my attention, so I clicked on the tab, and to my delight, Brony Notion had posted a new video! (:DD)

This video really put a new perspective on Starlight Glimmer and her actions. According to Brony Notion, Starlight was more dangerous than any of our previous villains, as she was able to change the destiny of not only the Mane 6, but all of Equestria. In his words, she actually “broke destiny.” The other villains were unable to compensate with the fact that destiny would always allow the magic of friendship to win every time, and to ensure that nothing messes with that, Starswirl the Bearded's time travel spell was designed to only allow users to go back a week for only a short amount of time, and when it is used, it only allows the user to create a time-loop, as shown in It's About Time. But Starlight Glimmer was able to change that spell so that users can go back even further, to when she and the Mane 6 were fillies, and actually screw with destiny by creating not time-loops, but paradoxes! And while the original spell only allowed users to go back once, Starlight's version allowed her to go back as many times as Twilight, thus damaging destiny in more ways than one, so that, in some way, the magic of friendship would not win.

“But hang on,” Brony Notion says. “In the end, friendship still won!” This realization leads him to the theory that, maybe, there's a deeper destiny involved, one that Starlight just couldn't touch, and even lead to her accept friendship. This is such a cool theory, because that means no matter what any villain does, even if they completely alter reality in the most disastrous ways, friendship will always win! But then, Brony Notion says something that puzzled me: that he was torn on the matter. Apparently, as logical as this theory is, he still liked the idea of destiny having no part in Twilight's success. Putting this into perspective, this would make Starlight look more menacing, as it would mean that she can trump destiny, and Twilight would have to use her wits to get her to fix it. But I think if you add the deeper destiny to the equation, it would make the subject even more logical.

Let me start with a point that was brought up in the video: the map. As we all know, the map was able to stick around in every single paradox, and when everything went back to normal, it got rid of the spell, so that it would never be put to use again. The explanation that we were given was that the map is still connected to the Tree of Harmony, and each time Starlight created a paradox, it sensed that something was off. The events that were taking place weren't fitting with what it believed should be going on, so it made itself pop up in every paradox that Twilight and Spike were sent to, thus allowing them to go back to go back to where they started, so that they could fix whatever went wrong. Truly, the map really does have a mind of its own, and it seems to be taking sides with destiny, making sure that everything remains as destined.

Now onto a point that Brony Notion didn't make, and considering the apparent size of significance, I can see why he missed this one: the scene where Starlight was tearing the scroll. Why do I bring this up? Well, when you really think about it, Starlight could've easily torn that scroll completely in half in one foul swoop, yet she took her sweet time! It's almost as if something was holding her back so that she could hear Twilight out! Could it be that destiny was messing with her mind? This could explain why she never actually tore the scroll all the way: because destiny was putting its foot down, and not allowing her to do so! It could tolerate being damaged, but it was not about to let anyone destroy it. This allowed Starlight to listen to Twilight, and make the decision to take her advice instead of going through with her plan. And, not only was destiny able to keep Starlight from completely breaking it, it also helped to point Starlight in a more positive direction so that she could fulfill her own destiny.

But, wait a minute! Did I just say that destiny messed with Starlight Glimmer's mind? Maybe this isn't the first time that destiny has done this to somepony! That could explain why Princess Celestia came up with the faulty idea of having Twilight hold all of the Alicorn magic when Tirek was around! I've always theorized that Starswirl the Bearded might have some sort of influence over her (and that's still a possibility), but to think that destiny could control the mind of a great princess like Celestia? That makes destiny so much more menacing, even more menacing than Tirek after Twilight gives him her magic! And not only would it affect decision that Equestria depends on, but also the smaller decisions, like Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo deciding to stand up for Apple Bloom, Pipsqueak deciding to run for student pony president, and Diamond Tiara deciding to stand up to her mother! Destiny is controlling the minds of everypony! (gasp) I think I may have explained everything in the show, even on Discord's part! (o.o) And considering how much Brony Notion likes the idea of destiny being a driving force, I think he should give this theory a little more consideration.

So to conclude, Brony Notion had a really interesting notion, not just that Starlight Glimmer was the most dangerous villain so far because she actually messed with destiny, but that there's a deeper destiny that was involved. While he's torn on this theory, I'm actually seriously interested in it. This theory makes destiny the most powerful force ever! Maybe there should be some sort of religion in Equestria. But what do you guys think? Is there a deeper destiny that allowed friendship to win, even against Starlight Glimmer, or was Brony Notion right in holding on to the theory that she really was able to break destiny, and Twilight had to be smart to convince her to fix it? Leave your thoughts in the comments. And to Brony Notion, welcome back to YouTube, and I look forward to your next video, whenever you get the inspiration. This is Cutie Mark Crusader Craver, signing out until next time.