Because I usually don't come here until 8pm, I've decided to make this blog the evening before. For this blog, I'm asking everyone to give share a time when they've gotten bad luck at an ironic time. For example, if you stepped on a crack, and later your mother got a broken back, please let us know in the comments section. But please, keep the stories appropriate.

I've got an incident myself. It happened when I was little, not when I crossed a black cat's path, but when I actually petted a black cat. I was at my great aunt's house, waiting for my grandmother for some reasone (I don't remember what). I was standing outside when I heard something. I turned to see the neighbor's black cat trotting up to me, meowing. I was obsessed with cats back in those days, so I knelt down in the grass (my crititcal mistake) and started petting her as she rolled on the ground, absorbing the attention.

When my grandmother finally came out, she saw us together and said "Simone, what are you doing here?" (Simone was the cat.) We lingered a little bit longer, petting Simone, then decided that it was time to leave to see my great-grandfather at the nursing home. However, when I stood up, we realized that I had grass stains on my pants! Needless to say, I had to change them before going to see my great-grandfather.

So, what was your bad incident? Let us know and watch out for that mirror....! (Crash!) (-_-)