I suggested doing an outtakes episode on Crimson "Valent" Azure's blog about what episodes we'd want for season five, and a few people actually liked it. So now I'm expanding on the idea and putting out some ideas for some outtakes that the creators could do. So in no specific order, here are just a few outtakes that I'd like to see.

Feeling Pinkie Keen: the frog that fall on Twilight's face in the beginning accidentally lands in her mouth; when Twilight lectures Pinkie on the difference between magic and Pinkie Sense, she forgets how she defines magic; the contraption that Twilight hooks Pinkie up to malfunctions; while Pinkie is explaining the order difference for "beautiful rainbow" and "watch out for opening doors", she gets mixed up

Equestria Games: while singing his rendition of the Cloudsdale anthem, Spike can't stop cracking up; the guard that tells Rarity that she needs to have her magic disabled forgets his lines; some of the equipment for the aireal relay falls apart

Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: during the song, Flam forgets some of the lines; the cider that Rainbow Dash was about to drink before getting it knocked out of her hooves accidentally goes into her face; one of the ponies who drinks the Apple Family's cider in the beginning chokes on his cider; Spike accidentally says "cider season" instead of "sapphire season"; when the ponies spit their cider at the Flim Flam brothers, Flim gets some of it in his eye; the punching bag that Applejack was kicking falls off its hook; during the competition, Apple Bloom trips and spills her apples

Maude Pie: throughout the episode, Maude struggles to keep a straight face; the rock candy that Pinkie eats goes down the wrong tube, causing her to choke; after Maude's thrown rock causes the tidal wave, Rainbow gets water up her nose; Applejack falls onto the stove bellows; the ladder in Twilight's library that Pinkie was riding on gets stuck

The Crystal Empire: the cable that Pinkie was hanging from when she was acting like a spy breaks too soon; the fabric that Rarity was swirling around during the song wraps around her; while Pinkie was wearing her night-vision goggles, she misses the pillar that she was suppose to slam into; when Rainbow starts shoving Fluttershy to get her to joust with her, she accidenally pushes her over; the librarian forgets her lines while explaining the purpose of the Crystal Fair; Rarity gets her toung twisted while telling Applejack about her weaving problem

One Bad Apple: when Babs tries to raise the ramp to the clubhouse, it gets stuck; when Apple Bloom tells Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon what their float is, she accidentally tears the paper covering; Rarity's opera glasses falls over when she tries to use it; the pony selling the crapes trips; while being threatening to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Babs falls forward; she does it again after taking part in the "sugar lump rump"; during the chorus of the song, Scootaloo slides too far forward and falls over; Silver Spoon mistakenly says Diamond Tiara's "Too cool for mule, Babs!", of which she is corrected on; Sweeite Belle gets a paper cut while looking skipping ahead through the initiation speach

Return of Harmony: Discord's pink umbrella jams; Discord forgets how to pronounce "Arrivederci"; the pony running along the frame falls over; Tom constantly falls off Rarity and Twilight's backs; while following Applejack when she was chasing the apples, the overhead camera falls into one of the hedges; when the CMC bump into each other, Apple Bloom gets knocked down; Cheerilee stumbles on the word "draconuuquis"; Pinkie Pie struggles not to laugh whilst in her grumpy stage; Princess Celestia forgets one of her lines; when Fluttershy tries to draw the animals' attention to the cotton candy clouds, she draws a blank

These are just a few that I've come up with, and there may be more added to the list. But if any of you have any ideas, be sure to suggest them in the comments. Remember, they have to be mistakes, malfunctions, and anything else that can go wrong on set. Make sure that they are appropriate for younger viewers (ex. nothing that involves animals using the set as a bathroom) and that the outtake(s) involve something laughable for the ponies on set. Overall, be creative and have fun!