What up, y'all! Guess what? Today is my Birthday! No, seriously! It really is! I am an April Fools' baby, and today is my day!

However, I do need to give a heads up (this isn't a joke either). On April 4th, I won't be able to come here for a couple weeks. See, my family is going out of state to visit family for a couple weeks, so I most likely won't be coming on and getting in on the hype for season 5 until we return from our trip. And, unfortunatley, my dad wants to leave as soon as possible, so I won't be able to enjoy Pony Day for very long, let alone see the premiere. Hopefully I'll get my chance at whatever hotel we stop at for the night. But on the bright side, it should be a fun trip, as it is probably the furthest I've ever been from my home state.

Anyway, happy April Fools' Day, everypony! I'll be enjoying my special day, turning 67! (Okay, now that was a joke. I'm actually 21.)