Halloween is coming! That means it's time to figure out what kind of monster, celebrity, or cartoon character we want to be! And it's finally time for me to do something that I've been waiting to do since I joined the wiki: post a blog on what kind of monsters our favorite ponies would be if they were in a spooky parallel universe! Here, I've got a list of the ponies, the monster that I've picked for them, their monster names, and a little bit about them.

Twilight Sparkle:           Witch/Mad scientist hybrid       Lightning Spark       Mainly casts spells, but does conduct experiments on the side (I couldn't decide which one I wanted her to be, so I decided to make her a hybrid)

Rainbow Dash:            Ghost                                      Rainfall Crash           Wants to join the Shadowbolts; enjoys popping up out of nowhere

Pinkie Pie:                   Werewolf                                 Puppy Pie                 Acts as cute as she sounds (megusta)

Fluttershy:                  Vampire                                   Flutterbat (duh!)        Has a hypnotic stare

Applejack:                   Zombie                                    Applehack                 Lives on a poison apple farm; constantly falls appart at the limbs

Rarity:                         Rag doll                                  Calamity                    Walks with a stagger (She was a difficult one to pick for, but Nightmare Before Christmas gave me the idea)

Spike:                         Igor/dragon creature               Spike-gor                  All that's different about him is that he has a hunchback (Creative, I know)

Big McIntosh               Zombie                                   Big Hackintosh           Mostly groans; no "Yep"s or "Nope"s

Granny Smith             Skeleton                                 Granny Skull              Spends most of her time in her rocking chair

Cutie Mark Crusaders:        Brutie Mark Crusaders

Apple Bloom:              Zombie                                   Apple Doom               Skilled at building booby-traps

Scootaloo:                  Phantom                                Spookaloo                  Enjoys possessing objects, such as her scooter

Sweetie Belle:             Rag doll                                 Shrieky Belle               Talented at shrieking, hence the name

Babs Seed:                Zombie                                   Babs Saw                    Has a missing leg (I've considered calling her "Bat Seed", but it didn't make sense)

Diamond Tiara:          Demon                                   Demon Terror              Envies Shrieky Belle's shrieking abilities

Silver Spoon:             Invisible pony                         Shiver Gloom               Look for floating glasses, necklace, and hairband

Cheerilee:                 Zombie                                   Shrillilee                       Usually has a brain on her desk (Yuck!)

The Cakes:               Witches/Warlocks                  The Culdrins                 Use crazy ingredients for their treats

Sapphire Shores:     Banshee                                (Can't think of a name)

Photo Finish:           Gorgon                                   (Can't think of a name)

Trixie:                       Witch                                      (May have to leave her name)

That's all I can think of. If anybody can think of anything else, please let me know in the comments section. Happy (early) Halloween everypony!