FANMADE- Bookworm
Bookworm: Bookworm is an Earth Pony foal-genius. She has a love of reading and a photographic memory that allows her to read through an entire text book in a short amount of time without forgetting a single detail. This advanced ability to read has giver her her cutie mark, a stack of books, at the age of three, when she was discovered reading a second grade level book. It also allowed her to go through two grades of school per year. However, at the age of five, she read a statistic about ponies with intelligence similar to hers and discovered that they often end up becoming socially awkward and no more successful than ponies who don't do their work. The concept of becoming a failure in spite of her high IQ frightened her, so she begged her parents to let her attend summer camp instead of summer school in order for her to make some friends to avoid this. While they were originally apprehensive, her parents agreed to try it out and sent her to Camp Friendship. It was at her first year at the camp that Bookworm met her current best friends, Acorn Nuts, Lemon Cakes, and Whoopie Cushion, and also discovered her ultimate goal in life: to become a medical doctor, particularly because of Lemon Cakes. She also got the motivation to work harder, doubling her speed in how many grades she would go through and even allowing her to race toward graduation at the age of 6. Now a 7-year-old, she is currently attending medical school, and going at a more moderate pace in order to get her training down, especially since she is aiming at going into the Emergency department. Unfortunately, she still struggles with the fear of becoming a failure, mostly due to her parents expressing disappointment in her career choice when she could've pick something that, in their minds, would've utilized more of her potential, so she prefers to spend her free time with her camp friends, who support her and help her to live her life like a regular filly. She's also quick to help them whenever she can, including with their homework, and is happy to share fun facts whenever the opportunity arises without being a know-it-all.

Acorn Nuts: Acorn Nuts is a talented 7-year-old Unicorn comedian. She could be having a casual conversation with somepony, then come up
FANMADE- Acorn Nuts
with a joke that gets everypony laughing. In fact, she got her cutie mark during a talent show when her stand-up routine got her principle laughing out of his seat. Sometimes, her jokes get her friend and classmate, Lemon Cakes, to choke on her laugh. Her jokes range from bad puns to making fun of her lisp caused by her buck teeth. She generally likes to tell jokes in order to lighten others up when they are down. However, one of her biggest phobias is if somepony is in a depressed state that humor cannot fix. She hates it when her friends cry around her and will easily get sick with helplessness when she knows that her jokes either won't have any effect, or will only make their moods worse, as has happened with Lemon Cakes, who accused her of not taking her feelings seriously. In spite of this problem being resolved and put behind them, Acorn still struggles with empathy and trying to find words of comfort. She also has an unusual habit of jumping on grown-ups' backs when she gets excited. Acorn Nuts is at her best when she is able to give everypony a good time and will give her all to make sure that her jokes do not offend, and fill the area with laughter.
FANMADE- Lemon Cakes and Sour Puss

Lemon Cakes: Lemon Cakes is a 7-year-old Earth Pony who has multiple health problems, including epilepsy, a hole in her heart, type I diabetes, deformed lungs, a weak body frame, and a weak immune system. This requires her to use an oxygen tank, and a walker with an attached basket filled with the necessary medications, plus the need for a half-hour nap everyday, to sleep with an oxygen mask, to eat smaller portions of dessert, and to have her unofficial service cat, Sour Puss, with her at all times. Most of her problems stem from her mother being a crazy party animal with a passion for smoking and not realizing that she was carrying her, as well as being born 7 weeks too early. Her surprise birth has given her mother the slap in the face that she needed to quit her crazy lifestyle cold turkey and take things more seriously. However, in spite of the multiple medical problems, Lemon Cakes has a rebellious personality and likes to push her limits to levels that make her mother and her doctors uncomfortable. She dislikes the idea of sitting in bed all day and going on the safe side, preferring to be active and having fun. Some of her favorite activities include roller skating, skateboarding, trapeze, climbing, and she's even found a way to go swimming without letting her oxygen tank weigh her down. When she's at Camp Friendship, she likes to go hiking, rock-climbing, canoeing, paddle-boating, kayaking, and rafting, but her favorite activity is zip-lining. She also has a sweet tooth that also ties into her special talent: baking. Her favorite dessert is lemon cakes, as depicted on her cutie mark, but will eat any dessert as long as it is not sugar-free, in spite of her diabetes. While her mother isn't with her when she is at camp, she does have her friends to help take care of her, most notably Bookworm, who constantly reminds her to be careful (to which she responds with snide comments), and Acorn Nuts, who helps her with her blood testing and her insulin injections with her magic. As she is her only classmate, Lemon spends most of her time with Acorn on a daily basis and due to her random jokes (that sometimes get her into choking fits), and is generally in a good mood, though will become depressed when she finds limits that she is unable to push. She'll also become grumpy if disturbed during her nap, and will need a moment to get her composure back. But when she is in a good mood, she will do everything she can to be the life of the party.

Sour Puss: Sour Puss is Lemon Cakes' loyal cat, who is described as her unofficial service cat. Due to her high level of concern for her owner, she spends most of her time hanging around her, usually lounging on the seat of her walker, giving her the description that she has the loyalty of a dog. While she's a very lax cat, she's also alert, paying attention to Lemon Cakes' behavior and her scent in case anything should go wrong with her health, and will alert her by meowing in distress if she does detect any problems. She'll also leave her side if necessary to go find help. However, she also likes to roam around, making sure that Lemon Cakes never leaves her site, and will make friends with anypony in her area. When she is in a relaxed state, she will be heard incessantly purring, which increases in volume when she's either being petted, or is trying to make friends with somepony that she finds worthy of being friendly towards. She's also protective of those she has made friends with and will become aggressive if she detects any threats. She has a powerful jump that allows her to leap across a large space, whether it's to get to something that has gotten her attention (like a spider on the ceiling, for example), or to get to somepony that she wants to interact with. But wherever she is, she always makes sure that Lemon Cakes is nearby.

Whoopie Cushion: Whoopie Cushion is an 8-year-old Pegasus class clown. While Acorn Nuts enjoys verbal humor to brighten spirits, Whoopie
FANMADE- Whoopie Cushion
prefers physical humor that involve pranks that catch her victims off guard. She likes to find perfect places and opportunities to pull a prank on her fellow ponies, whether those jokes are simple and traditional, or complex and original. Her favorite pranks involve booby traps, and she is always thinking of how they can be set up, depending on the setting, though will avoid areas that are inappropriate for such. She also likes to make sure that her pranks don't make her come off as a bully. In fact, she got her cutie mark when she used a prank to show up and stand up to a school bully, thus ending his reign of terror. Now she uses her pranks to liven things up and make her victims either laugh, or slightly irritated. However, if any of her pranks should go wrong and cause her victims to get hurt, she will become traumatized and depressed. This usually results in her freezing before fainting with her eyes wide open, staring off into space, and will require a splash of water to the face to snap her out of it, often resulting in her becoming apologetic and going into a fit of tears before going into a depression that usually clears up within a few hours, provided that she knows that she is forgiven. She is especially careful with Lemon Cakes and will not pull a prank on her unless she is absolutely certain that she will not get hurt by it. She also makes sure that her victims have a good sense of humor before pulling any fast ones on them, and will restrain herself if she knows that they don't.