Okay, so this episode really was a popcorn episode. Nothing all that filling, but still nice to enjoy. Fortunately, the writers were able to drizzle some flavored syrup onto this bucket of popcorn:

  • First, there was that shot of Rarity that makes you go AAAH!!! (gasp4) For that scene, I'd say this was the lemon flavor, considering how Rarity's sour face was actually really sweet, if you know what I mean.
  • Then there was... Aloe kissing Rarity. (wat2) (shudder) I know about the French tradition of doing that, but that just added a seed for some new shipping art. Trust me. This one gets a sour strawberry flavor just for that.
  • Anyway, we've also got the funny moments with Rainbow Dash wanting some froufrou-y spa treatments (which means that Gabby Gums was right!), adding a bit of a cherry flavor (a nice touch).
  • Then there's the scene that really should be deemed "Applejack Investigates," meaning that there are now four detectives in the Mane 6. There might be some that may find that this scene was a bit stretched, but I rather enjoyed the "Mystery of the Steamless Room" as Applejack followed the pipes, then the laundry pony, to find the culprit. That scene deserves an apple flavored syrup (you know, because of Applejack?). Plus, the cameo of the Cakes and Bulk Bicepts adds a bit of caramel to the scene (what, did you think all of the flavors would be fruity?).
  • I was expecting Rarity and Applejack to be going back and forth between the spa and the farm in order to help Twilight and Spike with the chores, but it doesn't look like there was quite enough space in the episode for that, so the glimps of how questionable Applejack's pig-feeding list gets gets a small amount of grape.
  • And the addition of Applejack going through all the movements in order to feed the pigs while talking about what happened at the spa, well, when I first saw the preview (and I'm sure I'm not the only one here), I honestly thought that was the stress of work getting to her, causing her to act a little weird, albiet it was a bit slow to call it crazy. But, as it turned out, that's pretty much the routine that she goes through to feed the pigs! Geez, Applejack, do you really think you need to do all of that just to pour slop into the trough?! Just for slipping us up on all that, I'm giving this scene a banana flavor. (o.o) Lemon flavored popcorn with banana flavored popcorn? Good luck getting those sorted out! (:P)
  • Anyway, the final syrup on this bucket of popcorn happens to be my favorite: the moral. It's kinda hard to put to words, but the moral of this episode is one that really get you to re-examine your life, especially if it's got a lot of routines, just as mine does. While routines do make life easier for some people, there are times when they can cause you to over-look a problem that could either disrupt it, or even contain some things that may not be all that necessary, and sometimes, it takes a friend to point out the unseen promblems. This part of the episode gets a healthy helping (if you can call it that) of chocolate syrup!

So, overall, while this isn't the most filling episode of the series, it was definately an enjoyable one. The small points mentioned here help to make the episode well worth the watch. And while people do seem to be questioning why the Apples are raising pigs when ponies don't eat meat, I think the pigs are just beneficial to the farm, eating the bruised apples whilst creating fertilizer (biology) to make healthier crops, just like the vampire fruit bats. Anyway, not a great episode, but definately good, and I'm always happy to enjoy a little-- Wait a second. (o.o)

Alright, who took my popcorn?! (mad)