Oh my gosh! Fluttershy, I am just so proud of you! You started are so shy you couldn't even speak up unless there was an adorable animal involved, or there was an emergency, and now look at you! You now have a backbone! Not only were you stern, you were firm and forceful! First, it was making the breezies leave your cottage, then it was making Rainbow Dash cry, then it was standing up to Discord, and now this: talking your parents into kicking your brother out and not letting said brother walk all over you when he made arrangements to stay with you! You have grown up so much! :')

But aside from that, I thought that this was a great episode! I found it interesting to see that Fluttershy's parents also have trouble standing up for themselves as well, which would explain her shy nature in the beggining of the series. I guess I can see why they were having so much trouble with keeping their son from coming back and loafing around in their home all the time. Speaking of which, when I first heard Zephyr Breeze call Fluttershy "Big Sis," my first thought was "Yes! Finally, a younger brother!" Seriously, everytime we see that a mare or a filly has a brother, they're always older. But on the topic of Zephyr, I think I like this guy. Sure, he may have started out annoying and lazy, but at least he had a good reason to be. It was pretty predictable that he would fail at every job that Fluttershy gave him, but I like how each incident was played out. I especially love how Rainbow Dash wasn't kidding that she would zap him if he tried to wiggle out of that job at the Wonderbolt's bunker. (XD) She's totally not going along with that ship! And when Fluttershy kicked him out - oh my gosh, that was when her development really shined! (:DD) But, seeing how Zephyr literally couldn't take care of himself, yeah, I wouldn't want to leave him like that either, which is why I was glad that Fluttershy and Rainbow decided to give him some encouragement to do what we was origonally trying to do at the beginning of this episode. The song was pretty awesome, too. I definately love all three voices, and the lyrics were pretty inspiring, too. The only question I have is about the word "peeved". I mean, if it's clean enough for a kids show, it should be fine, especially when you note Killroy down below saying that Treehouse TV didn't even mute it out. I'm wondering if it's like the usage of the word "fudge" in The Chrismas Story. Anyway, this was overall, a great episode. Now we just have one more episode before the hiatus, then we just have to see how the Brony Analyst community utilizes this off time.