Some ponies went to sea, sea, sea,

To see what they could see, see, see,

But all that they could see, see, see,

Was the viewpoints only they could see, see, see

Well, this was a fun episode! I think this episode probably gave Applegeek the second most epic laugh of the season (first was for On Your Marks), which would explain why he called it his favorite. While I disagree with him, I definately like what was presented. Now, this is, admittedly, an overused moral that we all saw coming from a mile away, but it's one that we never can seem to learn, as those kinds of conflicts happen all the time in real life. Basically, these can be summed up with one sentence: "This person made me mad, so I'm not going to listen to their side of the story and just say that my story is the absolute truth," which is almost never true.

I have to say, the most entertaining comedy in this episode pretty much came from Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie's portrayals of each other, especially Applejack, a farmgirl, acting like a careless pirate! (XD) Who would've guessed that that would be how Rarity saw Applejack in that very moment. Of course, there's also Spike constantly getting handed that scroll and quill and trying to find out how the three got back to shore, the pets delivering the messages (or, in Gummy's case, actually being the message), the obvious out-of-character moments, and, of course, the moment when we finally found out that the boat never actually left the dock. (facehoof) Talk about embelishing!

I also like how this episode had a tendancy to catch you by surprise, like the above mentioned revealation of the three getting back to land, Pinkie's Rarity tossing the cucumber sandwiches overboard, and the cucumber sandwiches actually being important. Certainly didn't see that last one coming. I was glad when Applejack admitted to them falling into the water being her fault, as it does a pretty good job of displaying that Element of Honesty, plus the fact that she blamed both of her friends for the accident was a nice touch. I was also glad when Twilight gave Spike a break in the end, taking away the scroll and giving him the ice cream.

I do take issue with the cause of the sinking boat being some beast that we've never heard of: a bunyant. I mean, he's cute and all, but that kinda feels contrived. Not only that, but I also have questions about how cucumbers became this creature's favorite food; cucumbers are land plants, but this was a sea creature! Does he like to come onto land once in a while? Why can't they just say that he saw food sinking in the water and just went for it? Doesn't really make much sense to me. And I've just recently noticed that Pinkie was freaking out over the burning cupcakes (when just last episode, she said that she never burns cupcakes), yet in season 1's Call of the Cutie, she genuinely liked Apple Bloom's burned cupcakes! Did she just like how Apple Bloom did them? Maybe she's become more sane in the recent seasons. Then, there's the fact that the treasure that the five friends had just found was immediately used to hold ice cream. Yuck! At least clean them first! (eww) Seriously, we don't know how long that thing's been in the water, so at least wiping them down, even if it was just for a few minutes, should make them somewhat clean enough to eat out of! Of course, the only real detractor is the contrived excuse for the ship tipping over, so no harm done.

So, overall, this was a fun episode. The humor was really enjoyable, the portrayals of Rarity, Pinkie, and Applejack were just so stereotypical that they were laughable, the plot had some really clever twists and turns, and the moral, while done time and time again, is one that we need to keep on learning, and was really presented well! The only detraction was the bunyant that pretty much came out of nowhere and has an illogical diet, but he's just such a cute fella and such a nice guy that I'll forgive him for this. So, yeah, I really liked this episode, so can we please let this lesson stick?