Okay, so how do I describe this episode? Perhaps the best thing to say is that this one really had good taste. I totally relate to this episode, having been trying to help him run a business that hasn't been going as well as we had hoped, especially with our helpers not being much help. I was excited to see that Starlight Glimmer made an appearance, showing that she doesn't have to have her own episode in order to make an appearance, and that it doesn't have to be all that important of a role, though I'm wondering if it was all that necessary to show that the map was broken after Starlight had used it to change histroy. Anyway, I really like how Pinkie Pie's method of finding a friendship problem involved finding a good restraunt to each at, especially since it involved following her nose. Saffron Masala and Coriander Cumin really seem like likable characters, and their conflict really felt realistic. I especially love Saffron's passion, and I can see a little of my dad in Coriander. The first attempt of saving the restraunt was a bit predictable, but enjoyable, although the lyrics of the song:

It's gonna work; I know it's gonna wo-ork; it's gonna work out just fine, you'll see.

I can see analyst Silver Quill replacing those with:

Doom flag; doomflag doomflag doomfla-ag; doom flag doom flag doom flag.

And speaking of which, I really enjoyed that song. It had a nice Indian tone to it, and the harmonies between Rarity and Pinkie were just awesome. I was hoping for a reprise, but, unfortunately, there wasn't time. Plus Zesty Gourmand-- oh, man, her appearance is just as the bland as her taste. She's also the kind of pony that I hope we don't have to deal with again, what with that conformist attitude and all. I found it interesting that there were arguments between both the restrauntours (not sure of the proper spelling) and the ponies trying to help them, and that it was only making the problem worse. I also like how Saffron's soup helped to reveal the true problem and how to fix it, and I kinda like to try it for myself. And the end result makes me think that this truely is an episode for business owners and their customers to see; the moral that you shouldn't let others tell you how to do what you love or what you should and shouldn't enjoy is a very important moral. So, overall, this episode really works, and lets hope that the wait for the hiatus to be over will be worth it for the next one.