Okay, so maybe this episode would've been better off with two parts, as it seemed like the time constraint kinda turned it into a pressed sandwich. I mean, seriously, when I think of the writers for this, I think of them starting off saying "Yeah, I think we've got ourselves and episode!" and once they found out that they're over the time limit, they drove themselves mad trying to squish it into the slot: "Okay, okay, okay! So get rid of that, get rid of that, get that out of there-- Oh, no, no, no! We need that in there! That's extremely important! No, that's even more important! AAH! We forgot to give Spike a song that the fandom wants! Quick, somebody find a place for a song! AAH! No, we've got to leave time for that! AAH!" Okay, maybe things didn't go quite that crazy, but the episode did seem to go a bit fast as if that was what was going on behind the scenes (hope that wasn't the case). I also felt that Spike's song, while nice, felt a bit shoehorned. It just came out of nowhere and didn't seem to move the plot along very well, which is what I like about songs in a musical. But, on that note, I still enjoyed this episode. I truely felt bad for Thorax, being the shy changeling in the middle of a whole swarm of more vicious changelings, not to mention being ostrasized to where he can't feed and nearly starving to death. If his swarm hadn't basically shot themselves in the foot with that attack in the season 2 finale, his plan of sharing love rather than simply taking it really would be the more effective tactic in keeping changelings well fed. And I like how Spike being a celebrity for saving the Crystal Empire a couple of times was used as a plot device to help further Spike's conflict: having to choose between redeeming Thorax's reputation as a changeling, or having to protect his own as a hero. I'm a little confused about why everypony fell for the Crystal Hoof thing, never once being suspicious of him not being who he says, especially with a changeling involved, but it did at least set Thorax up for his reveal when he came in contact with his favortie food surrounding Flurry Heart (happy to see her again). The moral also felt a bit shoehorned, but if the writers were given a little more leaway, I think it would've fit in the context. I also found it interesting that changelings can actually change into inanimate objects (so much for Imp), and that they hatch from eggs like bugs (Thorax was cute, but the other were just-- ugh!), so definate world building there, and Spike has, yet again, given Equestria another ally. Maybe the writers are working him up to be an ambassador of friendship. So, while this episode has it's flaws, I'd say it was worth the wait, and I hope that the Brony Notion is happy that one of his wishes came true.