Okay, so we already have a blog out that has other people voice why they don't like Flash Sentry. Now, I'm making a blog that voices my reasons for why I do like him. And as it turns out, he actually does have some character in him, just not very many negative traits as far as I can tell, which would account for the dullness that many people have pointed out (though that may change with the new Rainbow Rocks movie).

1. He's patient

  • He didn't get mad at Twilight for getting whipped cream on his shirt.
  • He was Sunset Shimmer's boyfriend for who knows how long (especially considering that she was just using him to gain popularity).

2. He has a warm heart

  • He never even once mention Sunset Shimmer's video, nor did he even snicker at Twilight for it.

3. He has a sense of humor (so he's not totally dull)

  • He joked to Twilight about them constantly bumping into each other, even though they had only done it twice in both worlds.
  • He joined Twilight in dancing her way.

4. He's understanding

  • Although he misinterpreted Twilight's frantic "no"s, he didn't even try to question her.
  • He didn't back off when he saw how Twilight danced (well, nobody did, but they were staring in shock, while Flash was just a little surprised).

5. He's fun loving

  • Once again, he danced in Twilight's style.

And most important...

6. He knows what's right, and isn't afraid to do it

  • He proved to Vice Principle Luna that Twilight was not the one who destroyed the Fall Formal decorations.

So basically, this is how I view Flash Sentry: he's the kind of guy that I'd want for a boyfriend. And that's saying something, since I don't have too much interest in dating anybody in the first place! And with this, I'd say that Twilight would be perfectly lucky to have a guy like him!