If y'all remember my blog about what would happen if Rainbow Dash wasn't born, someone in the comments asked "Does fate spin people, or do people spin fate?". I replied that I thought that they spin each other, but then went back and edited, saying that people spin fate. But I forgot about something that should've kept my view the way that it was: my Christian faith! After thinking about it, I wanted to go back and remove the edit, but by then, the blog had lost popularity and gone quiet to make way for others. Ever since then, I had been kicking myself in the pants for it, wanting to repeal that edit and go back to my origional view. This is why I am writing this, just to get it out of my mind and off of my chest. And to say that people and fate do spin each other. And this time, I'm sticking to it.

(Disclaimer: No, I am not promoting religion, nor am I trying to implicate it into the show)