Well, guys, I wish I could make a much happier New Year blog, but right now, I have to post something a little more serious. You see, the Brony reviewer, Thespio, aka DaWillstonator, just recently posted a video, making a rather heartbreaking announcement. I'll post the video here, but long story short, just shortly after Finn the Pony posted the most heartfelt addition to his 12 Doors of Finnsmas, and just two days after Christmas day, his mother's long, hard battle with cancer has come to a tragic end, which means that Thespio and his family are most likely having a hard New Years. I hope they do take comfort that she was able to enjoy one last Christmas before her departure, but to have this happen just shortly after this wonderful holdiay can't be very easy. So I ask that we all give Thespio and his family the support they need to get through this hard time, and don't forget to donate to the new GoFundMe campaign that was set up to pay for funeral costs and other expenses.


R.I.P. Mom

May your mother rest in peace, Thespio, and I wish you and your family the best for this upcoming year.