Okay, so this is the fourth and final part of my story, and as you've read from the title, this part is about Diamond Tiara. This time, I'd recommend that you read these parts of the story (story 1, story 2, and story 3) before reading this one in order for this one to make sense. That's because this part is the wrap-up chapter of the story, explaining everything in the other three chapters (it's also why this one is so much shorter than the others). So what does Diamond Tiara have to do with it? And who exactly is Creepy Pasta? Well, let's find out:

           On a sunny day at the playground, Silver Spoon was sitting at a picnic table, reading one of the three books that she had with her. She shuttered as she went through the details, which were dark and gory.

“Gee, Diamond Tiara, these stories you wrote are very disturbing,” she told her friend from across the table.

Diamond Tiara examined her hoof, smiling with pride. “I know. They're my finest creations. Especially since they did what I was hoping they'd do.”

“What do you mean?” Silver Spoon asked. “Well, the whole reason I wrote those books was so that I could bring the cry-babies out of those Cutie Mark Losers,” Diamond Tiara explained. “I was a bit disappointed with Scootaloo's reaction, because she didn't get all that scared; just a little bit nervous. But the injury was a nice highlight.”

“Easy for you to say,” Silver Spoon complained, rubbing her foreleg. “I could just feel her injuries as she rolled off her scooter! And I don't even have any wings!”

“Well, at least the books did their jobs. And the other two losers did have much better reactions to these books.”

“Oh, are these the reason that Sweetie Belle was hiding behind us to get away from Apple Bloom and Scootaloo?”

“She was just trying to get away from Apple Bloom. Scootaloo was just with the wrong pony at the wrong time. ...And I will admit, the book Sweetie Belle read may have worked a little too well.”

Silver Spoon scoffed. “Yeah. Just a little.”

“However, I am most impressed with Apple Bloom's reaction. It had just the perfect blend of confidence and fear, especially when she was going through the Everfree Forest.”

“How'd you know how she was acting in the Everfree Forest?!”

“Simple. I followed them. The best part was when she got so scared that she collapsed in a fit of tears. It's hard to get her to cry!”

The two fillies laughed in agreement.

Meanwhile, right by a nearby trash can, a pile of spaghetti slithered out and sat near the table. The fillies, still laughing at the Cutie Mark Crusaders for their reactions, didn't even notice.

“So, how did you come up with this kind of pen name?” Silver Spoon asked.

“Well, I wanted to come up with something that sounded kinda scary,” Diamond Tiara explained. “But at the time I was thinking of a creepy name, I was getting pretty hungry. So that's what I came up with.”

Silver Spoon looked at her in confusion. “You were hungry when you thought of the name?”

“It was almost supper time, and we were having spaghetti,” Diamond Tiara told her.

The fillies started laughing again as the pile of spaghetti slithered into Silver Spoon's view. As soon as she saw it, she stopped laughing and looked at it.

“Um, speaking of spaghetti, do you see that pile of spaghetti over there?”

Diamond Tiara turned around and looked at the spaghetti on the ground. “Oh, that's just somepony's leftovers that probably got dumped on the ground instead of in the trash.”

But just as she said it, the spaghetti started slithering again, this time, right before both the girls' eyes. Startled, the two friends watched the spaghetti slither right past the table. They quickly became nervous, but they also got curious and cautiously started to follow it. The spaghetti continued to slither across the ground as it approached a nearby bush. The girls watched as it slithered right into the bush and disappeared from sight. They waited nervously so see what would happen next. Then, all of a sudden, the spaghetti lunged right out at the girls, sending them running from the bush, screaming and squealing! They turned back at the bush and saw three laughing fillies coming out of the bush. It was the Cutie Mark Crusaders!

“Hi, Creepy Pasta!” they yelled mockingly.

They laughed at Diamond Tiara, holding up their fishing line and the spaghetti that they had used to scare the two fillies in retaliation for Diamond Tiara's writing the books.

As soon as she figured out what was going on, Diamond Tiara became angry at the three girls for making a fool of her.

“Why you little fiends!”

She ran right at the Cutie Mark Crusaders, instigating them to scatter. Diamond Tiara chased them as they continued to laugh at her. Silver Spoon just stood by the bush, not sure what to think. She looked at the spaghetti on the ground, then back at the four ponies as they ran around the playground.