Okay, so here's the second part of my story. This isn't as good as the first (here's the link in case you haven't read it yet), but it is similar to what I experience when I see a video with a jumpscare, with a few key differences. I didn't want Scootaloo to really be scared of Rainbow Dash, but I did want her to be affected by the story that she reads. Please remember that my knowledge of these fanfics are limited, as I've never had the heart nor the stomach to actually read them. So here's the story:

It was a bright, clear day in Ponyville, with no clouds to speak of. Rainbow Dash had cleared them all away and was now taking Scootaloo for a wild ride on her back. She did flips, loops, spins, and all sort of other tricks as Scootaloo clung onto her, laughing all the while. She was having the time of her life. Just as Rainbow Dash flew up above Ponyville Tower, she tossed Scootaloo up into the air and caught her as she came back down. Then, as the two ponies laughed, they both shared a tender hug.

Rainbow Dash flew back down with Scootaloo once again on her back. She started doing some spins along the tops of the buildings when she looked at the clock. Then, she made an unfortunate realization.

“Oh no!” she groaned. “Looks like I'm gonna have to cut the fun short.”

“Why, Rainbow Dash?” Scootaloo asked.

“Ugh. I have to help Twilight organize her pantry today, and she scheduled it for now.” Rainbow explained.

Scootaloo became puzzled. “Her pantry?”

“Don't ask.” said Rainbow Dash. “I don't understand it myself.”

Rainbow Dash flew down to Twilight's castle where Spike was waiting for her.

“Ah, there you are, Rainbow Dash. Sorry you were scheduled to do this. But you know Twilight.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Rainbow. “She always has to keep things organized.”

“Well, come on in and let's get this over with,” said Spike.

The trio walked into the castle. Rainbow Dash noticed that Twilight wasn't in the area, so she whispered to Scootaloo.

“You know, this chore might get pretty boring, so why don't you go down to the library to read something. I know it isn't your idea of a good time, but it should be better than organizing a bunch of food products.”

“Um, okay. Sure.”

Scootaloo went to find the library in the throne room. Once inside, she looked around to find something interesting to read. Romeo and Jewel? Boring. Sheer Luck Horse? Yawn. Oliver Trots? No way. There had to be something interesting for her to read. There was Daring Do, but she wanted something different, especially since A.K. Yearling hadn't come out with anything new yet. But then, as she scanned the shelves, she saw something: Rainbow Factory. Scootaloo pulled it out and looked at the cover. It was a blue book with a rainbow on it, but the name of the author caught her attention: Creepy Pasta.

“Hmm,” Scootaloo thought. “If this guy's name is Creepy, maybe this book is creepy too. Maybe this title has nothing to do with rainbows and is just there to throw readers off. I should check this out.”

As Scootaloo started to read, she found out that the story was about her. But she didn't know anypony named Creepy Pasta. Maybe it was a pen-name, and maybe it was written by somepony she knows. But who? Well, there really was no way to figure that out. At least, not now. All she knew was that this was gonna be awesome! Or so she thought.

As she read through the book, she found it to be pretty disturbing. The details were gory, and it clearly wasn't for somepony her age, in spite of the fact that she was the main character, as was Rainbow Dash. But the book made Rainbow Dash look evil, and had a horrible depiction of how rainbows are made. Scootaloo finished the book with a chill down her spine.

Rainbow Dash poked her head in. She looked like she had been bored out of her skull.

“Hey, Scootaloo. I'm finally done with the organizing, so you want to go for another flight before Twilight realizes that you're here?”

Scootaloo tensed up at the sight of her, but then she thought “Come on, Scootaloo. You know Rainbow Dash. She's nothing like she is in the book.”

“Uh, sure Rainbow Dash. I'd love to go.”

Scootaloo hopped up onto Rainbow Dash's back and held on as she took off.

Rainbow Dash flew around Ponyville and started flying at high speeds, tumbling through the air, and taking Scootaloo on a crazy ride. It was just as exhilarating as before they stopped, but Scootaloo still had that book in her head. She tried her hardest to enjoy herself, but her fun was hindered by the frightening details that haunted her mind.

About a few minutes in, Rainbow Dash noticed that Scootaloo's yelling and laughing wasn't very energetic. Something seemed off. She had been reading for a good 20 minutes, so she should be having a full burst of energy coming out. Was she bored with the same old moves? Did she want something new? Was she reading something so exciting that it wore her out? Rainbow decided to ask her about it.

“Uh, Scootaloo, are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Why?”

“I don't know. You just don't sound like you're having quite as much fun as last time.”

Scootaloo wondered if her fears were showing. “Really?”

“Yeah. You feeling tired, Scootaloo?”

“Uh, maybe a little.” Scootaloo made a false yawn.

“Okay, maybe we should pick this back up later. You okay with that, Scoot?”

“Um, okay. I'm okay with that.”

Rainbow Dash flew down to the ground and dropped Scootaloo off at the clubhouse before flying off to find something else to do.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo decided to find something to get her mind off the book. She knew it wasn't real, but it still bothered her, especially the fact that it made her afraid of the very pony that she looked up to. She went into the clubhouse where she found her other two friends, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, trying to juggle six juggling balls. The balls fell on their heads just as Scootaloo came in through the door.

“Hey, guys. What's going on?”

“Oh, nothing,” said Apple Bloom, rubbing her head. “We're just realizing that we're not cutie mark jugglers.”

“Definitely not,” Sweetie Belle grumbled as she stood up. She quickly changed her demeanor. “So, what's going on, Scootaloo?”

“Oh, nothing much,” said Scootaloo in a matter-of-fact tone. “Just the fact that I've read some book about Rainbow Dash hurting me when I found out how rainbows are made and now I can't get it out of my head.”

“Is that bothering you, Scootaloo?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Are you kidding?” Scootaloo responded. “I know Rainbow Dash isn't like that, but I keep thinking of her like she is!” She growled in frustration.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom looked at each other with concern. Scootaloo afraid of Rainbow Dash? Even Scootaloo herself couldn't believe it, or even understand it.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Sweetie Belle offered.

“Well, maybe you can help me to get my mind off of that story,” Scootaloo sighed. “Hopefully that'll get me to snap out of it.”

Apple Bloom thought for a minute. She really didn't know much about helping somepony to get their mind off of things that they don't want to think of. But she did know that if you can find something that can keep your focus directed, anything can be forgotten. She started getting some ideas about how to get Scootaloo to do just that.

The first thing they tried was playing sports. This seemed to fit Scootaloo just fine, and playing vigorous sports does require focus, whether it was soccer, hoofball, or even baseball. Scootaloo seemed particularly interested in soccer. The only trouble was Sweetie Belle wasn't an avid athlete, and it's not very easy to keep your focus on a game when you're playing with a friend who doesn't seem to know what she's doing. Especially when the pony you're trying not to be afraid of keeps flying over with cans of paint, possibly to mess with your friend's sister again. Scootaloo constantly had to knock herself in the head each time her mind got diverted to the book that she was trying to forget.

The next thing they tried was puzzles. Puzzles are meant to keep your focus until you figure out where everything is suppose to go. This might be all well and good for a pony who can figure out where all the numbers and pieces go without much trouble, like Apple Bloom, but for an active pony like Scootaloo, or a naive filly like Sweetie Belle, this was easier said than done. Sweetie Belle was easily frustrated and often needed Apple Bloom to show her the way. Scootaloo, on the other hand, just got bored, which is not good for when you want to forget a story that's gotten you afraid of your biggest role model, especially when she keeps flying back and forth, carrying water balloons for a booby trap.

Then, the girls tried playing mind games. But this was no different from the puzzles, as they required a lot of thinking, which was not Scootaloo's idea of fun. Things weren't made any better when she saw Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie being chased around the farm by a furious Applejack, who had fallen victim to a prank that involved a painted wall and a net full of water balloons. While the three girls did laugh as the three ponies ran around the orchard, Scootaloo couldn't help but think about the book that showed Rainbow Dash doing something much worse.

Finally, Scootaloo tried riding her scooter. This was much more effective, as Scootaloo only needed to focus on where she was going and how fast she was going. In fact, she wanted to see how fast she could go. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle cheered her on as she propelled her scooter to go faster, and faster, and faster, and faster. She was enjoying the thrill of the ride as her ever increasing adrenaline fueled her wings to go faster. However, she was riding her scooter in a corral, which meant that she had to turn each time she went around, and each time she did, her turns became sharper and sharper, causing her to lean closer and closer to the ground. Soon, her turns became so sharp that her leg was practically grazing the ground. But she paid no attention to this; she was focused on the speed that she was riding at and wanted to increase it. Finally, on what would be her last run, Scootaloo leaned so far over that she ended up hitting the ground and taking a serious tumble, rolling over head over hooves as her scooter skidded across the ground! Feeling the pain in her foreleg and her wing, Scootaloo was glad that she had remembered to wear her helmet.

Her friends were startled by the sudden accident and ran into the corral to check on her.

“Scootaloo! Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle cried. “Are you okay?!”

Scootaloo groaned. “Ow! I'm fine, I'm fine. I think I may have hurt my leg and my wing, but I think I'll be okay.”

Rainbow Dash, who was flying over whilst dusting herself off after her scrap with Applejack, saw the incident and decided to fly down to investigate. Scootaloo looked up at her, and the memories of the book returned to her and caused her to tremble. She knew that Rainbow was just coming down to help, but she just couldn't shake the dreaded feeling, as much as she wanted to. Rainbow noticed her trembling and assumed it to be from her wipe-out, which could get anypony shaken up.

“Shake it off, Scootaloo,” she said in a comforting tone. “Just shake it off. Pain is just fear leaving the body.”

Scootaloo giggled, attempting to hide her fears. She didn't want Rainbow Dash to think that she was afraid of her.

“Speaking of which, did you hurt anything?” Rainbow asked.

“Uh, my foreleg and my wing,” Scootaloo told her, trying to trust her. “Nothing much.”

Rainbow looked at Scootaloo's leg and noticed that it took a beating. She also looked at her wing, which looked crumpled from when she rolled on it. Rainbow realized that she may need medical attention so that she could heal properly.

“Looks like you're going to need to see a doctor, kid. How about I take you? I can fly you there in no time.”

Scootaloo wasn't comfortable with the idea, but she knew that she had no reason to be, so she decided to take the offer.

“Okay. Let's go.”

Rainbow Dash flew Scootaloo over to Ponyville Hospital and had the doctors check her out. As it turned out, her accident had caused her to put a fracture in her upper foreleg and damage some joints in her wing. She had to have her leg in a sling and her wing in a cast. The doctor came in to give some news.

“Well, it looks like you're going to be okay,” he said. “But we're going to have to keep you here so you can rest for a few days.”

A few days? It might as well be a few months, or a few years. Scootaloo sighed in disappointment.

“Hey, it's not so bad,” said Rainbow Dash, encouragingly. “I've had to go through the same thing. Except my leg wasn't messed up. But I'll be happy to keep you company while you're here.”

Scootaloo hid her discomfort and smiled.

“And don't worry,” Rainbow continued. “I'll make sure your parents know what happened and where you are. ...And where you will be for the next few days.”

Well, there's one thing that Scootaloo didn't have to worry about. If her parents knew where she was, they could visit her and make sure that she's okay.

“Of course, in-between visits, you'll have to keep yourself occupied,” Rainbow went on. “Maybe you can find some books that spark your interest. You know, to make time go by faster.”

When Scootaloo heard the word “books,” she flinched. She didn't know why, but just the thought of books made her a bit uneasy. Maybe it was because of that one, which was stupid, because it's a dumb book to begin with, and she had read many others that were much better. Some of them may have been a bit boring, but at least they didn't make her scared of her friend.

That night, while Scootaloo slept in the hospital bed, she dreamed that she was watching Rainbow Dash flying through the clear blue sky. It was an exciting sight as she practiced all sorts of tricks as Scootaloo watched with wide eyes and a big smile on her face, cheering for her all the while. Rainbow Dash looked over her shoulder and set her eyes right on the little filly. She turned around and started flying right towards her at high speed. Scootaloo stood up on two legs, watching her eagerly, as Rainbow came in her direction. But then, she noticed an unsettling grin on Rainbow Dash's face. Her smile disappeared as Rainbow came in closer with her smile becoming more and more evil looking and the clear blue sky behind her started turning a deep shade of red. Scootaloo suddenly became scared of her and started running in the other direction as Rainbow Dash chased her, laughing maniacally.

Scootaloo suddenly woke up with a start, feeling a jolt of pain in her foreleg. She looked around the room, remembering where she was. She groaned in frustration and plopped her head down on her pillow. There had to be a way to kick this, but she didn't know what.

The next day, Rainbow Dash paid Scootaloo a visit, bringing along her favorite board game, Battle Skies. They were in the middle of the second round when Rainbow Dash noticed something strange about Scootaloo: she wasn't really into the game. Rainbow became concerned. It was a fun game, especially when she wins, but not quite as much fun when your opponent isn't into the game. She decided to find out if there was something going on.

“Uh, Scootaloo, are you feeling alright?”

Scootaloo shook herself awake. She had been up all night with her nightmare.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Just fine, Rainbow Dash. Why do you ask?”

“Well, you don't seem to be into this game like you usually are. And you've been acting kinda funny ever since yesterday.”

“Well, that doesn't mean anything is wrong. Seriously, Rainbow Dash, I'm fine.”

Rainbow Dash wasn't buying it this time. She knew that something was wrong, and she was going to find out.

“Scootaloo, listen. I can tell that something is wrong, and if you don't tell me what it is, then I can't help you, no matter how much I try.”

Scootaloo looked at her side of the game. She had pegs all over the place, but none of them were red. Scootaloo knew right then that she had to tell Rainbow what was going on, even if she was the focus of her problems. Well, at least part of it. Scootaloo had to trust her. It was the only way she could ever kick this problem so that it doesn't ruin her fascination of her forever.

“Well, I guess I can trust you with this. See, I know it sounds silly, but remember when you were helping Twilight organize her pantry yesterday?”

“Huh. You had to bring that up,” Rainbow snorted.

“Sorry,” Scootaloo giggled with embarrassment. “Anyway, while you were at it, I was reading this book called Rainbow Factory, which was written by some guy who called himself Creepy Pasta.”

“Oh! You read that book? The one with that ridiculous story about us?”

Scootaloo was caught off guard. “You read it too, Rainbow Dash?”

“Mm-hm,” Rainbow nodded.

“Well, that makes my long story short,” Scootaloo scoffed. “Anyway, ever since I read that book, I've been fighting the willies, and they just keep coming back, especially when you come around.”

Rainbow Dash laughed. “You didn't actually take the book seriously, did you?”

“Oh, no, no, no, Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo said with a blush. “I know you're not like that. It's just that the thought of it keeps bugging me, and I don't know how to make it stop.”

Rainbow Dash thought for a minute, but then came up with an idea.

“I'll tell you what: as soon as you're allowed to leave the hospital, I'll get your parents' permission to allow me to show you how rainbows are really made, then the book shouldn't bother you anymore. What do you think of that, Squirt?”

Scootaloo tensed up. Rainbow Dash was offering to take her to the actual rainbow factory, which is what the story was about! Would she do what she did to her in the book? Nonsense! Rainbow Dash wasn't like that! And besides, this might be the best way to kick this dreaded feeling, and to stop this ridiculous thinking.

Scootaloo nodded. “Okay. I'll do it!”

“That's a brave filly!” Rainbow said as she ruffled Scootaloo's mane.

Scootaloo smiled, trying not to be nervous.

Days later, when Scootaloo got her sling and cast removed, Scootaloo got permission from her parents to go up to Cloudsdale with Rainbow Dash to visit the rainbow factory. She rode on Rainbow's back as they took the trip up to the city in the sky.

Rainbow Dash took Scootaloo on a tour of the weather factory, showing her how different types of weather are created. Scootaloo, in spite of her nerves, was feeling excited as she watched how clouds, lightning bolts, and snowflakes are created. She had always wanted to see how the weather worked, and now she was getting her chance.

Finally, Rainbow Dash took her to the part of the factory where the rainbow was made. Scootaloo looked around at the surroundings. This was nothing like the book had described. This was amazing! Rainbow Dash showed her the step-by-step process of making a rainbow.

First, sunlight is collected by a giant magnifying glass before being beamed by a series of mirrors into a basin of liquid crystals. Then, as the sunlight melted the crystals, water is added to keep the crystals from solidifying. Then, the mixture is set to boil at 450° Fahrenheit, thus turning the mixture red. Next, the mixture is set to cool off for 15 minutes, which allows the colors yellow and blue to appear from the center. Then, the rainbow mixture gets poured into a series of smaller basins that overflowed into other basins, allowing the colors orange, green, and purple to appear. Finally, the rainbow pours into a stream and flows down into the room where rain clouds are manufactured.

Scootaloo was amazed at the process. She knew that sunlight and water are involved, but she didn't know about the liquid crystals. She couldn't contain her excitement.

“Wow, Rainbow Dash! This is amazing! This is nothing like it was in the book!”

“See? That's what makes the story so ridiculous,” said Rainbow Dash. “The way it describes this really doesn't make any sense.”

“Thanks, Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo said, jumping on her hero. “I'm so glad that my parents trust you enough to take me here! And now, I can trust you not to hurt me!”

“You said it, kid!” Rainbow chuckled, as she gave Scootaloo an affectionate slap on the back. In the process of this, she accidentally hit her bad wing.

“Ouch!” Scootaloo grabbed her wing and rubbed it as Rainbow laughed in embarrassment.

“Sorry! I didn't realize I was that close!”

The two ponies laughed at the irony. Then, Rainbow decided to make up for it.

“Hey, how about I take you on another flight? You feel comfortable with that?”

Scootaloo was more than happy to hop on and cling to her as Rainbow zoomed up into the sky.

Just like last time, Rainbow Dash took Scootaloo for a wild ride. She did flips, loops, spins, and all sorts of other tricks as Scootaloo clung onto her, laughing all the while. She was having the time of her life. Just as Rainbow Dash flew up above Ponyville Tower, she tossed Scootaloo up into the air and caught her as she came back down. Then, as the two ponies laughed, they both shared a tender hug.