Okay, so we already have a blog about what episodes we'd like to see in season 5. Now I'm creating one about any jokes, gags, or any other funny things that we might like to see on the show. Here are some of what I'd like to see.

Pinkie Pie gets stuck under something, so someone pulls her out. But her bottom half remains stuck and pops off, revealing her Equestria Girls legs.

Discord is having a discussion with Twilight whilst leaning on Princess Celestia's statue. However, he notices that the statue is unusually warm. Then all of a sudden, Princess Celestia, who is actually posing as her own statue, turns her head and says "Hello!", causing Discord to scream like a little girl.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are hiding out somewhere (preferably a stack of hay). But when Silver Spoon backs out, she bumps something that falls on Diamond Tiara's head. Caught in an awkward moment, Silver Spoon simply says "Sugar lump rump," to which Diamond Tiara pops up and says "That wasn't my rump! That was my head!"

Discord is trying to relax in the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Unbeknownst to him, the CMC are there as well, and are playing around with the booby traps (typically the organ to the outside), giving him a bad time.

After pulling one prank on her friends, Fluttershy goes all prank happy and can't stop pranking ponies.

Discord keeps trying to prank the Mane 6 with an airhorne, but they are all undaunted by it and just end up throwing it away. However, each time they do that, the airhorne lands on its button right near someone else, and it scares them instead. (Ex. Rainbow Dash is about to take a nap on a cloud. Discord hides the horn inside it, so when she lays her head on it, she sets it off. However, she doesn't even bat an eye, and without even sitting up, she searches around for the horn with her hoor, pulls it out, and tosses it away. The airhorne falls to the ground where Scootaloo is standing, but when it lands, it sets itself off, causing Scootaloo to jump into the air.)

And speaking of Scootaloo jumps, the ponies are watching a canon being tested. However, its fire is delayed, so they start off to investigate what went wrong. Suddenly, the canon fires, causing Scootaloo to jump three feet up and five feet back.

That's all I can think of so far. But now I want to know what you guys want. Please make sure that they are appropriate, and have fun with it!