So we all know how crucial Rainbow Dash's existence is. She's one of the spirits of the Elements of Harmony, and has more than once helped to save Equestria from total doom and destruction. But what would happen if she, for some reason (most likely due to frustration), wished that she was never born, and then gets sent into an Equestria where there was no Rainbow Dash? I have a plotline for this, but I'll just list off some of the things that I've come up with that she may discover.

1. Equestria would be stuck in an eternal night

2. Discord and Nightmare Moon would be co-rulers in a romantic relationship (shudder)

3. The Apple family would be in a financial struggle

4. Applejack would be part of a gang in Manehattan, in which Babs Seed also joins

5. Twilight would be Trixie's apprentice

6. Rarity would be the head of a band of thieves, including members like Gilda, the Flim Flam brothers, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Cheese Sandwich, and Twilight (who would happen to be her best)

7. Pinkie and Maud Pie would be victims of a rock slide (let's just say that Rainbow Dash saved them both from having that happen on the rock farm by giving Pinkie her cutie mark)

8. Fluttershy would've subdued herself to get the bullies to leave her alone

9. Spike would never have hatched

10. Gummy wouldn't have survived not having any teeth

11. Winona and Opal would be strays

12. Tank, Angel, Owlowlicious, and all of Fluttershy's other animal friends would be in the wild

13. Zecora would be lonely forever

14. Ponies would have to rely on electric lights to help to grow their food

15. Many of the evil creatures that were imprisoned in Tartarus would be free

16. Princess Celestia would be imprisoned in the sun forever (assuming that was what Nightmare Moon did to her)

So that's pretty much what I think would happen if Rainbow Dash was never born. Anyone have any other ideas? Let me know.