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  • DBD Abyss

    Well... it's that time of the year again, when the season ends and the wait for the next one begins. before everyone gets all "We want Season 4" and just standing around kicking rocks while we wait. There's some things in S3 that should keep us guessing until then and some E13 holes some overlooked. Time for a breakdown.

    Despite being half as long it was still well done. Trixie's return, Discord's redemption and twilicorn are in my hilights. S3 is not my favourite but still really good Babs seed is awesome. 2nd. DERPY!!!! Derpy may have been hiding from us but returned to us from hiding celebration's all round.

    Babs, Trixie and Discord. some villains all redeemed but one throwback from previous seasons we are yet to meet is ugh... Gilda. If …

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