Well... it's that time of the year again, when the season ends and the wait for the next one begins. before everyone gets all "We want Season 4" and just standing around kicking rocks while we wait. There's some things in S3 that should keep us guessing until then and some E13 holes some overlooked. Time for a breakdown.

Season 3

Despite being half as long it was still well done. Trixie's return, Discord's redemption and twilicorn are in my hilights. S3 is not my favourite but still really good Babs seed is awesome. 2nd. DERPY!!!! Derpy may have been hiding from us but returned to us from hiding celebration's all round.

Redemption theme

Babs, Trixie and Discord. some villains all redeemed but one throwback from previous seasons we are yet to meet is ugh... Gilda. If anything she deserves to be sent to the moon just for roaring at fluttershy but she could do with redemption

Episode 13

Episode 13 holes: AJ and pinkie swap- AJ is part of the apple family who runs the apple farm. I think even the writers overlooked that hole.

Ep. 13 songs: The songs. Oh dear Celestia I really should stop listening to these songs I've been singing true true friend since it aired, If you add the length of all songs it makes up half the episode (I'm not even kidding)

S4 Speculation time

One thing I noticed at the end of Episode 13 was this. [1] and
I thought her normal cutie mark had 5 stars. not 6 so it's left to wonder. Who's the 6th small star. An instance in episode 13 show them standing in the 5 star formation (elements firing at twilight in the library) and when the smoke clears the scorch mark is the 5 starred cutie mark. I think we're getting a new unicorn in S4 to maintain the 2:2:2 ratio.

Her physical cutie mark has changed as well,o8TxbXY it's now 6 small white stars and one purple with the white star that was previously behind it now one of the small stars

(possible) References to other things in E13

  • End of the matrix

Reference: As twilight begins her fly by at the end of the episode it's almost a copy of Neo's fly by at the end of the matrix. even the speech neo gives fits into the episode.

  • S2 discord

Reference: Rarity says the line "too last season?" after messing with the weather. Last season discord was doing the same and also had the checkered floor like the sky was.

If you have any thoughts on the 6 stars or something I missed drop them in the comment section below