Derpy Hooves - ay my lil' muffins soo. a total overview of episode 1. You know how they start with the whole "Once upon a time there were two twin/sisters....", right? well, #1 problem I saw was that instead of calling Princess Celestia and Luna's real species, the narrator, or Hasbro specified them as "unicorns" when they're actually alicorns. #2, I wonder why Twilight Sparkle didn't initially want friends. I mean, who wouldn't want friends, I know I do. #3 At the beginning, she barged thru her library and accidentally hits spike, then uses her magic to grab a book that Spike was already holding. Which ended up hurtuing Spike again. poor little Spike. She didn't even say sorry once to Spike. Derpy out, my muffins.:P
FANMADE Bluelighting OC filly in box