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DJ-QUIN-10 November 14, 2011 User blog:DJ-QUIN-10

thumb|right|295px|2 favorite parts: what Twilight is doing, and Spike playing the saxophoneI just started watching lots of good fan made videos on YouTube, and I want to share them on the wiki. Unfortunately, putting them all on my profile would make it too cluttered. But then I thought what better place to put them then on the blank flank, my blog page. So, as of now, I thinking of posting fan-made videos here whenever I find some I like, and posting my top 4 favorites on my profile. Here's my first few videos:thumb|left|295px|I didn't know Pinkie Pie could sing in Swedish!

thumb|right|295px|Rarity makes the song at least 20% betterthumb|left|295px|I'd like to say that me liking this (probably) has nothing to do with me being from Texasthumb|right|295px|Go and read the description of this videothumb|left|294px|I don't know why, but I can't help watching this(no, I haven't seen the original sketch)thumb|right|295px|I have nothing to say about this... except that Rarity is the best pony!

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