So, don't get me wrong. I love the Equestria Girls movies. I just have 3 issues:

First...  So, Sunset threatens to smash the portal. Isn't that kind of a bad idea? The hammer would go through the portal like Twilight's Crown unless the portal had been closed, and then it would still be pretty pointless because Twilight would have to wait 30 moons to get home. It's a pretty obvious assumption.

2. In Rainbow Rocks, the Dazzlings have obviously been in the other world for a long time. But why were they banished there instead of Tatarus? Celestia states in EG 1 that the other universe couldn't defend themselves against Equestrian magic. You would think that she would've known that the magical stones they used would've gone over to the other world with them or disarmed them, because otherwise they could've caused up some serious turmoil even without coming across the rainbooms. And the chances of the sirens escaping through the portal seems very slim considering the amount of time its open for and the fact that the Adagio Dazzle said she hated that they had been banished takes away that option. (Speaking of which, couldn't they go back? Or did Celestia cast some sort of spell so that they couldn't return?) In addition, Discord used similar magic causing disharmony, and he was turned to stone. So unless Tataurus had not yet been created, which is possible, when you look at the length of time it was since Luna was banished to the moon and the time Sombra was banished to the frozen north - these girls must have been pretty old, considering Celestia didn't mention "Oh, By the way Twilight, you might encounter these singing girls who will hypnotize you so been on the lookout." when Twilight left in the first movie. Then again, when you figure the length of time ago before Tirek was banished to Taurus, (Before Luna went to the moon) it seems extremely plausible that Taurtaurus had been created since Tirek's time and he is the only villain we know of that was banished there for some reason. In summary, it would've made much more sense if these girls had been turned to stone or sent to Taurtus or something rather then sent to Equestria.

3. Why do Twilight, Sunset, and Spike not exist in EG's alternate world? Celestia, Luna, and the other mane 5 do as well as the CMC, Cheerilee, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and even the Diamond Dogs. We cannot assume that Cadance and Shining Armor exist there. While we do not see them, there wasn't a need for them at any time, really. It's possible that they did in fact exist there. But why not the other 3?

What are your guys's thoughts?