What do you think? I've heard speculation that there could be some regular or 2 part episodes where Twilight does to CHS, but I don't think that's very plausible. For one, I have several friends who think that the movies aren't worth watching, [I was hesitant at first to watch the 2nd, but now I like it better then the 1st!] plus some don't know much about the fandom besides the TV shows. So sticking a human episode in there would throw everything off and cause lots of confusion in my opinion.

It seems like there are usually only 2 movies to a set, [with some exceptions like To Story and Jurassic Park.] but since Twilight said 'this isn't goodbye' I get the feeling that we'll see more. The only issue I see forthcoming is the fact that you can't have all these villains vanished to the CHS area crawling out of the woods just now, so they would have to come up with some new sort of issue. An illness is out, because that would probably be considered brutal/deadly if it was serious enough for Twi to get involved, and would not be 6-year-old friendly. Bullying or friendship issues are pretty much out via Sunset Shimmer.

What's your guys's opinion?