Right. Who's better? Sonic or Rainbow Dash? Therefore, I love Sonic! I registered it on a wiki called Sonic News Network, there are many fans of My Little Pony and I've seen that many are fighting for that... So, others say that Sonic is better and others say that Rainbow Dash is more better. I have a question, who's better?! What the heck?! I hope your answer. Comment!

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Ok. Some users prefers Sonic... He's considered fast like Rainbow Dash. I've seen in the comments, that the users have written that Sonic becomes to "Super Sonic" is more invincible and faster than Rainbow Dash, that's true. Well, just wait and see who wins this fight between Sonic and Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash:

Ok. Some users prefers Rainbow Dash too... She's considered fast too, but Rainbow Dash is more sympathetic and prettier than Sonic. Her "Sonic RainBoom" gives her super speed like Sonic. Who knows? Maybe are equally fast. We'll see who wins.

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