In the land of my little pony comes a very unusal guest to our world, Her name is RENAMON the Rena Pony for my little pony. She's Fast, Dangerous,smart and Steathly Renamon recently joined the My little pony inside this comic im making called the "rena pony".
FANMADE Rena pony

a Pony Version of Renamon, In other words shes new to the my little pony world.

Rena Pony

Renamon:"where am I?"

Rarity:"welcome to pony ville...uh what's your name?"

Renamon:"I'm renamon"

Rarity:"it's nice to meet you Rena na mon?"

Renamon:"just call me Rena if you can't pronouce it right"

Rainbow dash:"hey whos the new pony!"

Rarity:"oh this is renamon she's our new member in ponyville"

Rainbow Dash"yellow ain't such a cool color girl, I'm 3x cooler then you"

Renamon:" want to keep that face then shut up before I rearrange it for you"

Rainbow dash:(not intimidated) "by a girl? No way you'll be able to--

Renamon:(kicks rainbow dash in face) to what?

Rainbow dash:" uhh never mind your insane!"

Renamon: "I'm not Insane and for your information im here for what rarity was talking about?"

Rarity:"To talk About renamon?"

Renamon:"To Be the new the Head Guard of the Queen of Ponyville"

Rainbow Dash:"NO you dont deserve it!"


Rainbow Dash:"What!?!"

Rarity:"That's no way to treat someone like that Dash, all she wanted is to become Head Guard!"

Renamon:" Save it Rarity He needs to know his Manners in the field of Battle, Not a silly little debate"

Rainbow Dash:"Yeah Rarity Let us Handle this like REAL PONIES!!"

Pinkie Pie: "hey guys what's going on...EEK!!!"

Renamon:"Whoever you are pink pony it's Rather best to stay out of this?"

Pinkie Pie:"Why you mean?"

Renamon:"I'm not mean to you Pinkie Pie, im just mad at Rainbow Dash for being a **** to me!"

Pinkie Pie:Oh My God she cussed!?!"

Rainbow Dash:"Whoa there Renamon Dirty Mouth you have their!?!"

Rarity:"you know he's right there's a No Cussing oridance in ponyville and your the one who violated it"

Renamon:"A no Cussing oridnace?"

Part 2 The Duel (need 3comments to continue editing)