Daniel Warren

  • I live in Cybertron
  • I was born on January 6
  • My occupation is Defeating decepticons
  • I am male
  • Daniel Warren

    Here is the list of people who I think are cool, nice and Awesome!!!... Don't be offended if your not on the list :)

    1. Princess Iris - Because she's kind, amazing and always know how to be nice... Well done for making first Princess Iris

    2. Callofduty4 - Tavi was the person who first told me of this chat, and thanks to him, being kind and being a legend... He is on the second place, thanks Tavi

    3. Fony Pony - Been so nice to me lately... Would have been banned if it was not for her... Nice, awesome and lovely... well done for making third buddy

    4. UnknownProdigy - Awesome pony.. So lucky to have UP as a friend... Made fourth because of being awesome, and cool

    5. Moonshine Stars - Known him for a while now, never spoke but alright, could spoken…

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