Here is the list of people who I think are cool, nice and Awesome!!!... Don't be offended if your not on the list :)

Here we go:

1. Princess Iris - Because she's kind, amazing and always know how to be nice... Well done for making first Princess Iris

2. Callofduty4 - Tavi was the person who first told me of this chat, and thanks to him, being kind and being a legend... He is on the second place, thanks Tavi

3. Fony Pony - Been so nice to me lately... Would have been banned if it was not for her... Nice, awesome and lovely... well done for making third buddy

4. UnknownProdigy - Awesome pony.. So lucky to have UP as a friend... Made fourth because of being awesome, and cool

5. Moonshine Stars - Known him for a while now, never spoke but alright, could spoken more but, we kinda didn't... really awesome

The other five will be counted soon... Thanks for being such great people, I'm lucky to be here