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  • I live in Ciudad Playa
  • I was born on January 21
  • My occupation is a proteger Ciudad Playa
  • I am Femenino (Humana)
  • Danitiny2013

    Equestria sailor girls

    December 9, 2013 by Danitiny2013

    There was a beautiful day at canterlot high, until the mane 6 were  shooted one by one with an advanced tecnology device, first,  was applejack, then, an strange word she never said before get out from her mouth, something like: honesty power... make up!  So her usual cowgirl hat disappear   when she trow a weird wand, her usual haircut changed, and 2 orange colored gems appear, then, her usual clothes has been changed and stand of them an applejack’s favorite color colored sailor scout outfit appear, the other mane 6 gasped when they saw applejack’s new look pinkie pie said: applejack, are you alright? So applejack said: y’all dont gotta call me like that anymore, my new name its: sailor honesty! And rarity said: sailor honesty?, wait, that n…

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