First, take the month

January; You become a Believeix fairy and defeats Darkar for killing (insert name from date).

Februrary: (insert name from date) has thrown a bucket full of lava at you.

March: you and Discord causes chaos for (insert name from date).

April: you and (insert name from date) has defeated MaloMyotismon.

May: you and (insert name from date) begin working in the police.

June: you and (insert name from date) is in a summer vacation.

July: you get kissed by (name of date).

August: you remembers your happy memories whit (insert name from date).

September: You get killed (insert name from date).

October: You get happily surprised by (inserrt name from date).

November: You get killed by Megatron and (insert name from date) dies from shock of losing a friend.

December: you recives what you wanted for a long time from (insert name from date).


1. Guildmaster Grovyle 2. Ms. Black Ops 3. Filly Please 4. TheCasualArsonist 5. Pony and meatball sub 6. AppleJon 7. Morning Glory of Dashite 8. NoSpecificName 9. Amelia the Writer 10. Pucho 11. FlameStar 12. Moonshine Stars 13. TimelessPeople 14. Meester Tweester 15. Nuka-Social 16. KoolPrincesslunakaLunie 17. EHAN 18. Temmington 19. Appleboy 20. Bluelighting 21. Dashdot 22. StephOfTheEast 23. The Toxic 24. Pinklady 25. James the Bunny 26. UnknownProdigy 27. UglyTurtle 28. Seaswirl10 29. Powerstar 30. SirCyrilFlash 31. ShadowPirateX