Hello everyone, i have seen movie version of the book which was better but also opposit. And i wonder if anyoonne else has expirienced this, so i created this blog for that purpose. For not press on you an onw created list i choose too let you decide and choose what book/movie we are going to talk about i choose to let you vote.

Dislike (name of movie/book) = -1                                                                                                                             Like (name of movie/book) = +1

IMPORTANT NOTE: the vote thing is to check who likes what the books/movies will not disapear when disliked at 0 and please dont discusse or vote before we get more books/movies cause i will tell you when the vote can start. if you have questions then don`t hesitate to ask.

ANOTHER NOTE: the vote thing is to let others decide which movie/book we shall talk about in order. you can only do one dislike and one like at the same time when your voting.

The books vs movies examples

there will be 15 title`s everytime before we start vote rampage and talk about the one whit most votes.         

  • current status (13/15)*

Harry Potter series (0/10)

Twilight Saga (0/10)

Lord Of The Rings (0/10)

Forrest Gump (0/10)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (0/10)

Jurrasic Park (0/10)

The Hunger Games (0/10

The Hobbit (0/10)

Eragorn (0/10)

The Notebook (0/10)

Charlie and the chocolate factory (0/10)

Alice In Wonderland 2001 (0/10)

Matilda (0/10)

(if there is any more books and movies that i dont know about please tell me in the comment section i dont know any more than this)