Discord Amusement2 S2E2

hello everyone! i am Discord the good of chaos and i love chaos- but you already knew that via the series and this wiki

in the Hurt/heal blog there are too calm the solar empire has a golden time now so boring celestia the obvious winner.... still i dont care but we need to get rid of her so we can make chaos whit gremlins and constant dawn or twilight hmmmm well it dosent matter just that we can have fun. so double heal this handsome devil Discord oh wait thats me nd double hurt celestia i hope you have fun!


Discord (leader)

SirCyrilFlash (second-in-command)


i can make alliances whit other factions but there has to be a deal for that, here are the alliance members:

(none) ops! how can i make an alliance thing on this blog when nobody have asked?