this blog is about different songs you might like you can add a link or you can say "i hate every song of (name of artist/band)" in my situations where i say hate i dont mean the harsh thing but its a slang of my by saying you dislike something that its almost hate but not hate. well these are the songs i choose:

like: every breaking benjamin songs and some skillet songs.

hate: every ylvis song because i dont like techno and he sings bad and random.

gets the feels: hoobastank the reason he sings abou every bad stuff he done and regret them and the reason is a woman he loves.

hit you in the heart: Digimon Brave heart (english fan dub)

listen and you will understand (in case the template doesnt work

feels the action: DragonForce Soldiers of the wasteland

(in case the template doesnt work

you mean are scary: none.


if this blog make conflict or people those not respect others opinion then i wont hesitate to ask an admin to delete this blog.

and if you like ylvis song then do it i wont jump down your throat for it because this blog its about sharing your interests.

songs that contains swearing are banned.