I've been reading some of the blogs about AJ and thought I could talk about her a little.

depiction in Season one

I watched some episodes in season one recently and saw how prominent she was and the lack of development she had. Her only episode she got was Applebuck Season which was dissappointing but she does get development in Look Before You Sleep with Rarity and Fall Weather Friends with Rainbow Dash.

I've noticed that her voice sounds a little higher than in seasons two and three. That's Ashleigh Ball (her VA who also voices RD) developing her character's voice.

depiction in season two

Ok,once again she was outshined in The Last Roundup (for only one scene) by Derpy which is why many of the fans were upset with Hasbro. I mean come on just one scene? JUST ONE SCENE?! The fans got upset with Hasbro just because of one scene?!

I did get mad with Hasbro when she got outshined in the super speedy whatever it's called 6000 well she did get some great development in that episode and other episodes. And she got zero solos.

depiction in season three so far

I'm happy,Applejack is off to a good start in season three! She got some more singing but no solo yet though but just keep hoping AJ fans! She got great development,dialouge,and singing roles. I still hope for her to get at least two or three episodes of development in season three!

dialouge and singing

I really love her dialouge in The Crystal Empire Part 2 but hope for more witty dialouge when we get more season three episodes. And she also had great dialouge in the other two seasons.

List of songs Applejack sings

Season One

Winter Wrap Up

Art of the Dress (reprise)

At The Gala

Season Two

The Heart Carol

BBBFF (backup)

Season Three

Ballad of the Crystal Empire

The Success Song


I hope Applejack doesn't get outshined in season three.