I was thinking about making something about the mane6 and Spike and here it is!!!

Rainbow Dash (Dashie)

She's my absolute favorite! (well duh) I really love her although I have three ponies for first(Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle) but if I could choose one I choose her but anywaaay...

I love her because she's awesome,20% cooler,brave,loyal,confident,etc.

I do think she's insecure but acts tough but just wait for more announced season three episodes.
Rainbow Dash about to soar away S3E2

I'm so adorable!

I do have a few doubts about her though

  • I do think she can be a little too mean at times
  • She can be too tough
  • She's a little too boastful
  • I do think sometimes she has a little too much episodes
  • a bit too powerful


another pony tied for first with you know who.

I love her because she's adorable,sweet,kind,evil at times,etc.

I do sometimes have doubts

  • she's a little babyish
  • too assertive at times
Fluttershy cute face S3E2

just too cute

Twilight Sparkle (Twily)

another pony tied for first

I love her because she's smart,adorkable,studious,organized,etc

one small problem about her

  • too many appearances
Twilight big smile S3E2

so happy!

Applejack (AJ)

second place

love her very sweet,dependable,country,etc

But I'm still hoping for more episodes,talents,flaws,songs,etc but she's off to a good start in season three :)

Applejack pushes Rainbow away S3E2

so sweet!

Pinkie Pie

third place

I like her for breaking the fourth wall,she's so random,funny,crazy

She's just a little bit annoying no offense Pinkie fans

Sideline Entertainment S3E2

You are so random!


fourth place

not the best for me but she's okay I like her!

She's beautiful,generous,etc

But a bit too selfish and stuff

Rarity sparkling eyes S3E1

I love the crystal empire!


I don't count him as a member of the mane6 but I like him

No idea what to say about him!

Spike 'It's not good' S3E2

nothing to say about me,really?!