Season one

Friendship is Magic Part 1 8/10 first episode is not always the best!

Friendship is Magic Part 2 7.5/10 pretty good

The Ticket Master 7/10 about average

Applebuck Season 9.3/10 AJ was hillarious!!!

Griffon The Brush Off 6/10 my least favorite I hated Gilda!

Boast Busters 9/10 very enjoyable if only Trixie didn't ruin Rarity's hair...

Dragonshy 6/10 not a good episode FS was cute loved RD salute but her personality is just rude!

Look Before you Sleep 8/10 pretty good episode not the best though

Bridle Gossip 9/10 I was laughing!

Swarm of the Century 9.5/10 only dissappointment was Pinkie messing up the tornado with the cymbols

Winter Wrap up 7.5/10 the song was stuck in my head but Twi was probably trying too hard to help

Call of the Cutie 8/10 ok I liked this episode AB was a little bit annoying

Fall wheather Friends 10/10 very cute and funny!

Suited for Success 9/10 pretty good did not like the 2nd otfits they were ugly!

Feeling Pinkie Keen 7/10 not the best episode it was a bit boring in my opinion

Sonic Rainboom 10/10 My favorite episode in season one cool and adorable!

Stare Master 10/10 great episode Scootaloo chicken joke was sorta stupid in my opinion

The Show Stoppers 8/10 good but it could be better especially the song

A Dog and Pony Show 7.5/10 I liked this episode Spike was hillarious!

Green isn't your Color 10/10 Fluttershy was adorable!

Over a Barrel 7.5/10 song was catchy the plot was a bit weak

A Bird in the Hoof 9/10 obviously a cute episode I almost cried when Philomeena fell!

The Cutie Mark Chronicles 8/10 I liked this episode but I didn't like Rarity's story a lot it was a bit boring

Owl's Well That Ends Well 7.5/10 good episode but maybe Spike was a little too jealous?

Party of One 8/10 this episode was funny but I did not like Pinkie when she screamed at Spike

The Best Night Ever 10/10 this was a cute episode and a great way to end a season

Season Two

The Return of Harmony part 1 7.5/10 great start to a new season!

The Return of Harmony part 2 8/10 this episode was great

Lesson Zero 10/10 funny on so many levels not to mention super awesome

Luna Eclipsed 10/10 I was giggiling a lot it was cute

Sisterhooves Social 7.5/10 pretty good not the best

The Cutie Pox 9/10 pretty darn good

May The Best Pet Win! 10/10 this was one of the 2 episodes where I was liking Dashie a little bit more

The Mysterious Mare do well 8.5/10 this episode made RD my favorite pony for some reason

Sweet and Elite 7.5/10 pretty good episode

Secret of my Excess 8/10 Spike and Rarity were super cute together

Hearth's Warming Eve 9.5/10 very cute holiday episode I did not like RD's character in the play though

Family Appreciation Day 10/10 I was laughing and laughing the whole time when watching this episode

Baby Cakes 8.75/10 very great episode

The Last Roundup 9/10 pretty good episode Pinkie was very annoying!

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 8/10 AJ needed development but didn't get any but dshe was funny at the end

Read it and Weep 10/10 super cute episode RD finally learns the joys of reading!

Hearts and Hooves Day 9.5/10 thought this was funny but Cheerilee and Big Mac acted stupid!

A Friend in Deed 10/10 Pinkie Pie you are so random!

Putting your Hoof Down 9/10 Fluttershy was a jerk! but still a good episode

It's About Time 10/10 Twi was adorkable as usual!

Dragon Quest 9.5/10 this episode was funny but I hated the punk teeneger dragons and Fluttershy kicking RD in the guts!

Hurricane Fluttershy 10/10 Best episode ever! RD was nice Fluttershy was cute and Twily was adorkable!!!

Ponyville Confidential 9/10 pretty funny I laughed a couple times during the episode!

MMMMystery on the Friendship Express 8/10 very great episode I just wished it was a little bit better

A Canterlot Wedding part 1 8/10 pretty good but Twily was a bit too possesive though

A Canterlot Wedding part 2 10/10 loved this part super epic episode!

Season three

The crystal Empire part 1 8/10

the crystal empire part 2 9/10

Too many pinkie pies 7/10

One bad apple 7/10

Magic duel 9/10

sleepless in ponyville 10/10

wonderbolts academy 10/10

apple family reunion 8.5/10

Spike at your service 8/10

keep calm and flutter on 9.5/10

just for sidekicks 10/10 birthday episode YEAH!!!!!

games ponies play 6.5/10

magical mystery cure 8/10