Hiya everyone! 

So it's been almost a year since I first joined this wiki. I spent lots of time away from here though. A lot of painful, horrible time... I've had depression and relationship problems in that time... I was lied to... But I'm ready to forget all of it and come right back to where I started that painful journey, opting for the BETTER path this time around! 

My junior year of high school is almost over..... I don't know what to say.... I made my account here back when my sophmore year was almost over. I met some really cool friends... unfortunately most of them are probably long gone at this point and that's a shame! But I hope to make some new ones this summer!

I am working on an album right now. It's in it's very early stages, but after everything I went through last year, it's bound to be great and catharatic when it's all done. I'm hoping I'll have it finished before summer ends. As soon as it's all finished, I will put up a link on a blog or my profile page so you guys can download it and tell all your family, friends, teachers, and random people you see on the street!  :P

Thanks for reading this boring thing :D ~Alex