Dawnlight Glimmer

aka Dawnlight Glimmer

  • I live in Cloudsdale (Or New York, South Glens Falls, Nuketown)
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Airman
  • I am A mlp Lover, Nuke Fanatic (i like nukes), and i also am a thinker
  • Dawnlight Glimmer

    New Album!

    October 13, 2016 by Dawnlight Glimmer

    As of Today (10-13-16) you can go to: to download my album and donate... or not i made it free (KEY WORD:FREE!!!) so if you dont wanna donate( and i dont blam you) go ahead and download it! free of charge


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  • Dawnlight Glimmer

    As she blinked the room into focus, she found her wall clock. Shrugging at the fact shes one hour late for practice, well until it hit her. "Crap"!

    More later or never....

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  • Dawnlight Glimmer


    February 8, 2016 by Dawnlight Glimmer

    Okay so theres a reason why im slow at posting stuff, i have lazyities and also i had to deal with NY state...

    -Dawnlight Glimmer

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  • Dawnlight Glimmer

    Chapter 1: First times...

    As Rainbow trotted through the gate, she turned around to face her friends. "Thanks for taking me here, Im glad your still here for me." her friends all smiled and waved. As Rainbow went past security she could see the sign:

                                                                        "Wonderbolt Academy"

    Her filled her heart with joy, her foalhood dream was within reach! As she trotted past all the pro wonderbolts she reached the "New recruits" office, as she opened the door her jaw dropped. Spitfire was there! "Oh, hey Rainbow, glad you could finally make it!" Spitfire said. "Spitfire? I thought you worked in the main office?!" Rainbow asked confused by this change in jobs. " I do, but my boss wanted me to t…

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